Saturday, December 16, 2006

Getting Excited about Christmas, maybe.

I think one thing that I have already enjoyed about this Christmas is sending out LOTS of Christmas cards and receive lots too!(If you did not get a Christmas card then it is most likely because I don't have your mailing address, so if you would like to be included in future mail outs of pics of Tatum, then send me your address.) I have displayed all of our cards and Christmas pics that we received in our kitchen. It is nice to look at all of them for a little change. Below is the pic that was on our Christmas cards this year!! I just LOVE it, but I think I may be a little partial. (okay, a lot, but do you blame me?)

Also, on a side note, Antonio decided to start putting in the bar tops this weekend. He got LOTS done on it and he wants to finish it this weekend. When it is FINALLY finished I will be SO SO SO excited!! It will be one more thing we can cross of the TO DO list that is pretty long! Anyway, I will have to take some pics of the process.


Robynn said...

We got our card in the mail today. I LOVE IT!! Katie kept looking at it saying "baby, baby, awww, baby." :)

Kimberly said...

Your model looks to be a lot more cooperative than mine! This picture is the most precious card ever! Maybe we need to come visit your "studio"!