Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 6 Months Mateo

Happy 6 Months Little Buddy! You are growing WAY too fast. We all know this is what happens, so I am really trying to enjoy each and every day.

Here is what you are up to these days....

* Everyone that is around you for any amount of time, comments on how laid back and happy you are. I guess that is part of being the second child. Your teachers at school are always bragging that you NEVER cry and you don't mind not being held.

*You will flash a smile at anyone if they will just talk to you and give you a little attention. Strangers love to talk to babies, so I guess you give them something to talk about.

*You are quiet a flirt at times. When a someone talks to you, you will flash a smile and then bury your face in my shoulder. (The old ladies love it!)

*You are the best sleeper. We are lucky if you will stay up until 6:30pm. Once we lay you down, that's it. We never have to return to give you back your pacifier or anything because once you spit it out, you are done with it. You are my little alarm clock in the mornings. I hear you playing around 5:45 to 6am. You never cry out though for me to come get you, I get your bottle ready and then come get you up. This early morning time is "our time" and I LOVE it!!

*You are working on sitting up on your own. You can do it, but once you realize that you are sitting up on your own, you will flash a smile, stiffen up, and topple over.

*You were introduced to all baby foods, and then I cut you off since I decided that you were allergic to something and that was what was causing all of your skin issues. However, after visiting the dr. today, Mommy was wrong. You will be getting your foods again and I know you are excited about that.
*There is no doubt that you love Tatum to death (and she loves you too)! She loves to give you hugs and kisses in the mornings when we drop you off at your room, and you smile and giggle everyday when she does it.

*We hear that you look like Mommy sometimes and Daddy other times. I don't know which one is more true, but there is no doubt that Tatum is your sister. You guys have the same eyes, nose, and smile. I love it!

*I am thinking that you will be a blonde, but the verdict is still out on that. I know your hair is much lighter than Tatum's, but I dont know if you where you fall other than that.

*You NEVER cry. I didn't really think much about this until a couple of weeks ago. You don't cry in the mornings, you don't cry when we put you to bed at night, you just don't cry. You will give a whine when you are hungry, sleepy, wet, or dirty, but we know when that happens, you need something and will try to take care of it then.

*You are on a great schedule and have been for several months. You eat at 6am, 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. You only have food with the 10am and 2pm feedings right now.
*You are wearing 3-6 month clothing and some 6-9/6-12 month clothing as well. You are in a size 2 diaper and I haven't worried with the shoes. You go for your 6 month appt on Thursday so I don't have your latest stats, but you did weigh right at 16 pounds last Monday with your clothes on.

*You never cease to amaze me with what a happy baby you are. Just today I took you to see the allergist. After a long talk with the dr., we agreed to test your for several food allergies along with a few other things...12 in all. The dr and his nurse warned me SEVERAL times that you would definitely cry (very loud) and it would take about 3-5 minutes for the dr. to be done. I was prepared, and the dr. started. Instead of crying each time he poked your back, you smiled, coo'ed, and giggled with the nurse that was behind me. When the dr. got to the 8th or 9th poke, you started to give a concerned look, and you finally cried out on the last 3 pokes. However, as soon as he was done, you were back to all smiles. The dr. said he had never seen a baby as young as you do so well. You even giggled while he was looking up your nose. He even laughed out at your happiness about everything that was going on.

*You LOVE bathtime. We tried everything when you were younger from bathing you in the kitchen sink, in the little baby tub, giving you a bath in the big tub with Tatum, etc and you hated it all. I finally tried giving you a bath in the regular tub and by yourself and you LOVED it! You kick, splash, try to drink the water, etc. until I take you out. I guess it is good that you love your bathtime so much since the dr. gave orders today to give you a bath daily and let you soak a minimum of 15 minutes each time.

*YOu have come a LONG way from the days of hating your carseat, swing, bouncer, or anything else! You really had me worried when you were tiny. I guess that was God's way of reminding me that I need to be thankful for how great and easy you and Tatum make it for Antonio and me.
*I never knew if I would ever be able to love another child as much as I loved Tatum, but you sure shocked me. You are my little buddy and you have made our family full of joy and happiness.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not a Winner

Well, we failed to win the St. Jude Dream Home today. Maybe we will win some of the smaller prizes. I will have to check the website later to find out. q9muzf56ws

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Call...

I will be going private this afternoon. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have not yet.

My email address is

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Going Private

Well, I have been dragging my feet about going private, but I feel that I need to do this after hearing a crazy story today.

If you would like to continue to read my blog, please shoot me an email.

If you were added the last time I went private, then you do not have to send me an email again because I still have your information.

If you do not know me but still want to read my blog, feel free to still email me. Just let me know how you found my blog and leave me a link to your blog if you have one.

I will probably go ahead and go private on Thursday at the latest, so send me an email soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Swimming Fun

With it being so HOT here lately, we decided there would be nothing better than spending some time at the pool today.

I must admit it took us a long time just to get everyone dressed, ready, and get bags packed to walk out the door, but it was SO WORTH IT!!

Here are some pics from the day.

Mateo dressed, in his carseat, and ready to go.

Anytime I start taking pictures of Mateo, Tatum wants to jump in and pose. It didn't take long for her to take the bait....

Once we got to the pool, we had to put sunscreen on and put in Tatum's plugs. This is the first time we have had to put them in her ears since she got tubes and she did great with them. She didn't try to take them out a single time.
Antonio and Mateo ready to get into the pool...
Proof that I was there too....
Everyone did great in the pool. We stayed almost 2 hours (which was much longer than I thought we would stay). We probably would have stayed longer, but Tatum got hungry. This is a pic of Antonio and Tatum after swimming...
Mateo says he had a great time too...

More pics of Mateo as we were all trying to dry off some.

We had a blast and can't wait to go back again. It wasn't even crowded at the pool, so that made it even nicer! In the 2 hours we were there, Mateo and Tatum did great! There was no crying, no getting in trouble, no fits, nothing....Antonio and I agreed we could get used to this! We promised Tatum(and Mateo) we would go back soon.
Here are a couple of pictures and a video from a few weeks ago.

After Tim and Jennifer had baby Luke last month, that is all Tatum will talk about. She would wake up asking to see "Tim, Jennifer, and Baby Luke". She even started carrying her baby doll around and she said he was "Baby Luke". She would take him and his pink blanket to school and everything instead of Amigo Bear.

One Saturday, I was putting Mateo down for his nap and Tatum was pitching a fit. I couldn't figure it out, but then she told me Baby Luke needed a nap too, so we put him in the crib with Mateo. All was well after they both were down for naps.

Also, here is a random video from a few weeks ago. Tatum wanted to count for me and watch it. You can tell the number of the week was 8 because she won't count higher than that for me. She does count in English and then in Spanish. I apologize for her looking so rough, but it was a lazy Saturday morning for us.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Project...

It was WAY overdue, but we finally did some work in our flowerbeds today. Let me just say, trying to juggle kids and get dirty working outside is hard work!

Here is how the day started....

*Antonio had already cleaned out the flowerbed by the time I took this picture....
*To the right of this pic below, you can see a little girl who is sitting in timeout already!! It was about 8:30-9am.

and a close up of our little princess not happy about being in timeout.

Here is a picture of the other side of our front door....
You probably can't see this next picture very well, but it is the root of some bush or something that was there before we moved into our house a few years ago. THIS root took Antonio a good 2-3 hours to get out!! It was VERY deep and very stubborn....

Mateo kept us company and did very well playing outside. The only time he cried was when Antonio would use the loud tiller.
.....Tatum in timeout AGAIN!!
She finally got to go in and take a nap at 10am. She was SO TIRED and slept til 1:30pm.

Here is another picture of 'THE ROOT'!

And the ROOT lost....
Here is the root outside of the hole. It weighed a ton!
Mateo was very happy about the root being gone!

Here is a mid-project picture. Trying to figure out how to layout these things.

We finally got the plants in the ground and Antonio put in an irrigation system (on a timer too) so we don't have to worry about watering everyday.
Let me just say, Antonio keeps saying I didn't 'do much' outside, but every plant you see in this picture was placed in the ground by DID did the holes, but I did all the rest. I was quiet proud of myself because this is the FIRST time I have ever done any planting of flowers/plants/shrubs/etc.
As you can see, Tatum woke up and was in the best mood! She was constantly posing for pictures. I also saw this flower and HAD to get it!! I got 2. They were just too pretty to pass up.
Here is a semi-finished part. We ran out of mulch quickly, so we will be heading back to Home Depot tomorrow (for the 4th time in 2 days) to get more mulch.

I am so proud of all we got done today. We will just be putting lots of mulch in and that's it! Now hopefully, I can keep this stuff alive?
I have more blogging to do, but figured I would post current things and then play 'catch up' later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Years and Counting

I know I have been a bad blogger, and it won't be getting better tonight. However, I did want to say.....


Antonio and I got married 4 years ago today. We have added 2 BEAUTIFUL children to our family over the past 4 yrs and many memories.

Can't wait for MANY more memories....(but NOT many more kids)!

Love you!