Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Antonio is DA MAN!

Antonio came through for me and sent me some great pics of Tatum last night. Thank you Antonio!!! These pics have definitely will make my day go a little better because I can at least stare at her pictures while I am INCREDIBLY bored in class.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Miss My GIRL!!!

I was so proud of myself when I went to New Orleans because I felt like I did well being away from Tatum for pretty much 3 WEEKS! However, I am two days into this week of training in Orlando, and I am about to DIE!!!

I miss her so much and can't wait to see her! I guess it is because she is older now and crawling and at such a fun age! She is starting to pull up and I am so afraid I am going to miss something.

Training is going well. It is so good to see everyone again! I have learned some new things that I know will help me in the near future.

Anyway, I just had get it out that I miss Tatum so much. Keep me in your prayers! I will be home Friday night and it can't come soon enough!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pictures from Jennifer's Camera

Here are some pictures that my friend, Jennifer, took. I got her to let me download them.

These first pictures are from Super Bowl Sunday, so end of Jan or beginning of Feb.

Below is Parker and Mackenzie. They played so well together and I think that Mackenzie had a little crush on Parker that night!
This is Jennifer with all the little ones that were there.(Look how much Tatum has grown since then!!)

Me and Antonio and Tatum asleep...
Keith and Laura...
These next pictures are at Jennifer and Tim's house. Their dog, Weezie, decided to hump Antonio's leg. We all got a huge laugh!
The next pics are at Zack and Tonya's house. Tonya had just had their new little girl Riley!

Jenny and Mackenzie...

Mackenzie is such a beautiful little girl! She has the best personality and is growing up so fast!
She found some little dress up jewelry and in a matter of 10 minutes had every piece of it on her. How precious!

These next pictures are from David and Allison's wedding shower from last week...

Here is an awesome picture of the bride and groom (David and Allison).
Keith and Laura...
Me and Jimbo...
Finally, here are pictures from the swimming party we went to last week. Tatum loved putting on her swimming suit and sunscreen!
Courtney and Maddie played with Tatum and me before we went swimming.
Close up of Maddie...
Courtney and Maddie...

Coleman, the birthday boy, and his great grandmother.
Mommy and Tatum....
Maddie getting changed...
This is Coleman's NEW little sister, Camryn. I think she slept through the whole party. She is so precious!!
Here we are in the pool.

Tatum LOVED the water. I think she drank about a gallon of it!
(She is not crying in the picture below, but I am not sure what she WAS doing.)

Thanks Jennifer for the new pictures!!

Catch Up!

Well, I will be leaving tomorrow to go back to training for a week, so I wanted to post lots of new pictures of Tatum so I will have them to look at when I need my Tatum fix.

Here is the best picture we could get of Tatum's 2 top teeth that have broken through...
and here are the bottom two.
This morning, Tatum woke up about 8:30am and we fed her. After she ate, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Here are Daddy and Tatum sitting on a neighbor's porch, but what are they looking at?????
Oh, one of our neighbors was getting a tree taken down, so because we had nothing better to do, we sat outside for about an hour to watch. During that hour, we lined out the same guys to come over to our house Monday and take down two of our trees in our backyard. I think Antonio is much more excited about this than I am because now he doesn't have to attempt to do this.

Tatum has become quiet the driver lately. She loves her little red car so much!!!

But, she REALLY loves her pink Jeep! (Notice the hair! This is why it must be cut. It always ends up in her eyes and I feel bad. Bows stay in, but as active as she is these days, they don't last long.)

Tatum has become so good at sharing her prize things with us. Here she shares her pacifier with Daddy.
Tatum pulled me aside the other day and asked if there was anyway to install an air conditioner on her Jeep. I told her to talk to Daddy. He, of course, quickly gave in and got her one...
Who cares that it isn't the coldest air and that it may stink at times!?! It is still done with love!
As the afternoon went on, we were trying to be creative with ways to keep Tatum's hair out of her eyes. We could always put this hat on her everyday?

But then it might end up like this...

Hey Tatum....Show us your two bottom teeth and point to them, please????

Look, I can stand up on my own!! Yep, I pulled my way up here too. (Baby got BACK!)

Daddy's getting me!!! EEEKK, wait, where is that camera??

Tatum could also wear this stocking cap on her head to keep her hair out of her eyes??

It would really work when she goes to play soccer, right?

But we don't want anyone confusing her with a robber!! Bad idea!
Finally, my last videos of Tatum crawling were dark, so I took some new videos. Here they are.

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The last two videos are just random ones that you guys might enjoy.

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