Sunday, June 10, 2007

Childless Weekend...

A few updates from this weekend...

-Tatum is still not officially crawling yet, but she is inching closer and closer everyday (Literally).

-Tatum got to spend the night with Aunt E. E. (Eliana-Antonio's sister), Chris(her husband), Gabby, and Caiden on Saturday night. Antonio and I went to a wedding shower that night and spent time together after it was over. While I did miss Tatum, it was nice to spend time with friends and Antonio without having to worry about feeding times, bed time, diaper changes, etc. Sunday, Antonio and I slept in late(I know that is bad that we missed church. It wasn't the plan, but our alarm clock(Tatum) wasn't there to wake us up.). We got up and went to breakfast together just the two of us and it was nice. After we got home, Tatum was delivered back to us in the best mood. Eliana told us how good Tatum was for them. She went to church and stayed in the nursery and the ladies in the nursery fell in LOVE with Tatum. They wanted to take her home apparently.

-When Tatum got back home, I was playing with her and noticed that her two top teeth are on their way in. Her gums are white and she has been a little fussy but with good reason.

-Also, Tatum's new hair that is growing in is a little lighter than her baby hair, so I think in the end she will have light brown. The verdict is still out on that, but that is what it looks like to me right now. On a side note, if anyone has advice on IF and WHERE I should get Tatum's hair cut let me know. She needs a good professional trim I think.

-I have a busy week ahead of me because my regional field trainer is riding with me 2 days this week and my manager is with me on Friday, so I will try to blog some if I have time.

-I will post new pics later.

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Amanda said...

I'm sure it was nice to have a weekend alone. We did too this weekend. I only have one piece of advice on the haircut . . . I don't think Tatum is ready for Jimmy!!