Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Door Project

I can't seem to get myself motivated enough to get my blog caught up 100%, so I figured I would blog about current things while I procrastinate on catching up.

I have been wanting to paint our entrance doors black for a few months, but everytime I thought about it I would talk myself out of doing it because I was a little nervous if I would really like them in the end.

Well, I decided to finally just go for it. I was so excited to do it that I forgot to take a before picture, so these first few pictures will have to do...

This was my first time using the "Behr Paint and Primer in One" paint, so I was worried about that too. At this point I was thinking that I probably should not have tried this because it was looking pretty rough!
This next picture was after 2 or 3 coats of paint and it still looked bad....REALLY wondering what I was thinking by trying this...

Here is the paint I used....Black Suede...

After a few more coats of paint I think I covered all of the white.
I decided to let this dry overnight. I got the razor blade out the next morning and got the paint off of all the windows(this is much easier than trying to use painter's tape).
And finally, the after pictures....
I do LOVE the door black. I plan to do our front door black sometime this week too.
I decided that we will leave the inside of the door white still. You won't be able to see the black from the inside, so I think it will look okay if 1/2 the door is white and the other 1/2 is black.
I have a few other projects I am working on around the house. so stay tuned....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching Up

I am in the process of catching up with my blogging. I haven't really blogged since the end of October, so I have LOTS of catching up to do. I posted several blogs tonight....few words...lots of pictures. Enjoy those for now. I am now caught up thru the beginning of December....only a a few more months of pictures to go before I will be up to date.

Fall School Picture

Tatum and Mateo's school do pictures every year. I asked them to do some pictures with them together this time. This was actually taken back in September 2009. I feel like they have both grown up so much since then.

Santa Visit

To say that Tatum was really "into" Christmas and Santa this year would be an understatement. She loved all things Christmas....Santa, reindeer, Christmas lights, our Elf "Anderson", Christmas trees, Baby Jesus, Christmas carols, etc. Seeing her so into things, made it so much more fun for Antonio and I both.

Tatum had ONE wish this Christmas....she wanted a guitar. We decided to take them to see Santa pretty early so we could beat the long lines. Tatum (with my help) wrote a note to Santa so that he wouldn't forget what Tatum wanted for Christmas. Here it is...

For the record, she ONLY wanted a guitar, but I told her we had to put more than that on the list "just in case" Santa didn't have any guitars.

I was afraid when we got up to see Santa Tatum would get scared or something. She has always done great every year, but I am always worried that THIS will be the year she cries when she sees Santa. I decided to give her a pep talk before it was our turn.

When it was her turn, I was SO PROUD!!! She gave Santa her letter and stood and talked to him. She used her manners and everything (I guess she wanted to be sure he knew she was being EXTRA good). I won't lie, I know I was tearing up a little as I watched this all going down. I kept thinking how big she is getting and how proud I was of her for doing so well when she was talking to Santa. Let's face it...at this moment, Santa was her hero. That being said, I can't say that I would have as much courage if I ever saw my hero this close in person.
After the talk, Mateo and Tatum climbed up in Santa's lap to take a quick picture...
After the Santa visit, we took some time to ride the rides on the way out.

And finally, the OFFICIAL (a little overpriced, but oh so worth it) Santa picture.

Thanksgiving Night

All of our Thanksgiving get togethers were over after lunchtime on Thanksgiving day. Since I didn't think about this, we didn't have much to eat for dinner that night, so we decided to go out to eat at Huey's. It was actually pretty crowded.

This next picture is one of those rare....priceless....pictures. The look on Tatum's face is one we will see in the future many times I am sure.
We also put up Tatum's tree on Thanksgiving. This is the first year we have let her have her tree in her room. She was so excited about it.

Thanksgiving 2009

Lots of Thanksgiving pictures....all mixed up since they didn't upload correctly. Enjoy...

When all else fails....
Can you tell these cousins LOVE each other!?!?! They are only 6 weeks apart in age.

Mateo LOVES Gran!!