Friday, February 12, 2010

Halloween & Mom's Birthday

My pictures are backwards for this post, so just ignore that part.

One afternoon while Tatum was napping, I took some pictures while Mateo was playing with ALL of his toys.

some of his stuff...
and more toys.... Our days of toy playing would consist of all the toys starting in the red container and one by one Mateo would take them all out. He would crawl off and play with something else while I put them all back in the container....and then he would crawl over and start taking them all out again.

Another thing Mateo LOVES to do is chase Tatum all over the house. Here he is crawling around the corner following her.

My mom celebrated a birthday back in November and here are her grandkids begging for a bite of her ice cream...well, my kids were begging and Mya was being too cute and smiling for me.
and one by one.....
they all got a bite....

And here are some pictures from Halloween. The kids dressed up for school. Tatum was a princess and Mateo was a dragon/dinosaur.

Tatum was tired of posing for pictures, but I had to get one with her cute pumpkin. Mateo had one too, but his is orange and black.
Mateo wanted to drive us to school, but he has a few years.
And of course I had to take a quick picture of Tatum when we got to school.

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