Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We transitioned Mateo's bed into a big boy bed back at the beginning of April. 
 This next pic is from the first night when he realized we were going to leave him in there alone.

The first few nights were a BREEZE.  Mateo is such an easy child (most days) and I was thankful this was going so well.  However, after a week or so, he started waking in the night/early morning and coming to our bed.  Since I'm back at work/a softy/in need of all the beauty sleep I can get, I would just put him in between me and Antonio.  We(I) have created a bad habit of doing this, so it's time to put my foot down and stop this before it gets too bad.  He did nap today in his bed for almost 3 hours and didn't get up a single time!