Tuesday, December 29, 2009


There is SO MUCH that has happened since the last time I blogged. I promise to do more updates later, but for now I will list a few things so I can remember to blog about them later....

-We made the HARD decision to let another family adopt our dog Maggie :(
-I completed my 3rd Challenge
-We put a contract on a new house (YAY!!)
-We are working on getting our house on the market in the next couple of weeks

I posted a blog below for Mateo's first birthday...check it out!

Happy Birthday Mateo!!

I interrupt this unplanned LONG blogger break to post that my baby boy is ONE!!!

I just can't believe it has been a year already! Our birthday celebrations this year were very small, but I did managed to get ALL Christmas decorations packed up and got up some birthday decorations before we celebrated Mateo's birthday tonight.

I also had time to make Mateo's cupcakes today since I am off this week.

Mateo didnt care for the the birthday hat and didn't know what to think about the candle and singing, but it kept his interest.

He also almost started a fire when he was taking off his birthday hat!
Big sister Tatum helped blow out the candle this year. He didn't mind a bit.
Mateo knew exactly what to do when it came to eating the cupcake! I must admit he has had a few pieces of cake before this day...and no I don't feel bad at all about that. I guess that is what happens with the second child?

The best we could do with a family picture....Tatum attempting to blow in that birthday thing, Mateo trying to lick off all the icing on his hands, Antonio cheesing, and me lookin' like a hot mess because I was trying to get all the Christmas stuff down, birthday stuff up, make cupcakes, clean up a little, etc.
Tatum had to give Mateo birthday kisses
-Mateo is definitely our 'laid back' child.
-He is very easy and goes with the flow.
-He currently has 4 teeth, 2 more teeth have just poked thru a little, but not sure if I can count those yet.
-He is just now wearing a few 12-18 month clothing items.
-He is wearing a size 2 shoe and 6-12 month socks from the Gap are still a little big.
-He is in a size 4 diaper.
-He sleeps all night still (6:30pm til almost 7am).
-He is definitely a mama's boy and I LOVE IT!!
-Mateo has had 3 professional haircuts and needs another one now.
-He is not walking and really not trying to either, but Tatum didn't walk til 16 months, so he will walk when he is ready.
-Mateo sits on his knees alot and I think it is the cutest thing ever.
-He loves to wave and smiles and most girls around if they give him a little attention.
Mateo is a quiet child, he doesn't talk much. He says mama, dada, baba, and babbles some. I think he will be a man of few words like his daddy.
-He RARELY cries, and if he does there MUST be something wrong because he is such a great baby.
We are going for his 1 yr check up tomorrow, so I will post his stats then.