Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Quotes

It's no big secret that I LOVE a good quote/saying/thought/etc. There are so many out there and I just love a that quote makes you think. Here are 2 that I found yesterday (posted by facebook friends) that I really like.

It's funny. In school, you're taught a lesson, then given a test. But in life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson.

Don't be so quick to judge others, you might find yourself walking in their shoes one day. Then you can only hope that others don't judge you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Real Monday

Growing up, we are always taught 'not to judge a book by its cover', but how many of us can say we really practice this on a daily basis?

I will raise my hand and admit that I am often quick to judge someone on first impressions. Just last week, Antonio and I went to vote and while we were standing in line I told him that I wished they would provide pictures of candidates beside their name. I said that because there are just SO MANY people on the ballots right now and I can remember a face better than a name. Antonio thought I wanted to vote based on how the person looked. Truth be told, there were several sections that I didn't vote at all because I didn't feel that I knew enough about the candidates...or couldn't recall who I wanted to vote for and given a picture, I may have been tempted to vote anyway based on looks. I know this is so wrong, but I am sure I am not alone.

Anyway, I guess this voting day situation got me really thinking about how easy it is to judge people when we really have no clue what they are going through or have been through. I started thinking of people I know that have gone through so much, but by looking at them, you would never know.

Let me share...(I will not be sharing names of course!)

1. I have a girl that is a newer friend to me. She is just beautiful, successful, kind, etc. I was thinking of asking her to go to the pool with me one day, but then I started thinking how 'perfect' she probably looks in a bathing suit since she has never had kids and she is just beautiful. While I still plan to have a pool day with her, we did lunch a while back due to rain. Sitting there, we started sharing some things and she told me how she is currently going through a divorce. While that is horrible, she had just discovered 2 days earlier that her (soon to be ex) had a girlfriend, the SAME girlfriend from the time my friend dated him, ALL thru their marriage (10 plus years), and currently is still with this same girl. Can you imagine!?!? She gave up having kids to be with this man because he didn't want any! Here I am thinking about being insecure around her in a bathing suit and she is talking about how she feels the last decade of her life was wasted. (Trust me, I am not proud to admit this.) She told me that she is such a wreck from all of this and can't seem to eat because of it all.

2. We have a couple at church that we hang out with from time to time. Their son is the same age as Tatum and they play well together. That being said, he is a handful. I keep him in my class on Sundays and he keeps me busy. Other teachers often stop by after church to ask if this certain boy is there because they tell me they can tell how my class was based on if he was present in my class or not. I have learned to work with him, seen what his parents do to get him to mind, and I usually don't have too many issues with him, but at first, I would look at him and think how his parents need to do some disciplining at home. (Again, I'm not proud to admit this because I know my kids aren't perfect.) Well, one time that we were hanging out with this couple, they opened up to us about how they actually had a son that was born before their child now. This first son was born with heart issues and was rushed hundreds of miles away as soon as he was born in order to have surgery. This first son passed away at 17 months and they didn't think they could have more children....physically due to age. You obviously know that they ended up having another child which is the one that everyone talks about. Through hanging out with this couple, I know that they realize life is short and they aren't going to sweat the small things. Their family enjoys life.

3. Just today, I logged onto facebook to see that one of my sorority sister's husband passed away. She is younger than me. We talked more in college, but I just keep up with her on facebook now. I can't imagine losing Antonio now. Heck, I can't imagine losing him in 50 years. Yet, here she is, 26 years old, and already a widow. As time passes, you won't be able to LOOK at her and see what she has gone through and experienced in her short life.

4. Another friend of mine who is married with a wonderful family who seems to have the perfect life shared something with me the other day that shocked me a little. She was telling me that she dealt with lots of emotional and physical abuse in her first marriage. She said that it was so bad that even though her first marriage has been over for almost 20 years, she still deals with some of the issues to this day. She was telling me that everytime she sits down to eat, she can hear her ex in her head telling her if she eats she will get fat. Ugh!

Writing this blog, I know this is probably more for me than any reader, but I figured it may make others stop and think for a minute about this too.

"Be quick to judge yourself and slow to judge others."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Real Monday - This HURTS!

So, I will just get to the point....


I get them on a regular basis, and have gotten them for almost 15 years now...over 1/2 my life!!! The suck, they don't get easier. Sure, I am better and know how to treat them (usually) so that they go away faster, but my remedies don't always work. And some months, I get so many that I run out of meds for the month (since insurance only allows for a certain number of pills each month...and without insurance coverage, the thought of how much these meds cost makes me have a migraine!! lol)

I know what triggers them for me and do my best to control the things that I can, but some things are out of my control. I do love my neurologist! He is amazing and has brought lots of relief in my life, but I still get them.

Since I know what causes my migraines, for the most part...that part that is beyond my control, I wish there was something I could do to PREVENT them(other than be pregnant). My dr. and I have tried several things, but nothing works.

Oh well, just wanted to vent a little since I have had a migraine ALL day today and I have done NOTHING productive. I just pray that I don't pass this down to Tatum or my grandkids since I got them from my grandmother.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The family and I are definitely enjoying our summer. I love our family weekend routine. Saturdays consist of going to the pool, lunch at the pool, home for naps, showers and baths, and then head to church.

If you are from the Memphis area, or know anything about the area, you may have heard of Jerry's Sno Cones. It is well known for its delicious sno cones, but Antonio and I have never been there. We decided to head there after church Saturday to eat dinner and then treat ourselves to a yummy sno cone.

When we got up to the window to order our food (burgers, fries, chicken tenders, fried pickles, etc), they informed us that the grill was broken. Antonio and I decided quickly to go ahead and get sno cones since the line was long and we hated to walk away empty handed. While we were waiting on our treats (before dinner), we decided to document our adventure with a few pictures...

When the sno cones were ready, we sat in the back of the explorer to enjoy the sno cones. Tatum was SO EXCITED to be having a treat before she even made a happy plate!
(Side note: Tatum is constantly asking me to let her wear her hair down these days. If you ever see us, her hair is ALWAYS up because she won't keep it out of her face and that drives me crazy. Well, I let her wear it down to church and she did pretty well. I can't believe how long her hair is these days!!)
Mateo really enjoyed the sno cones too...notice the red lips. When I picked up the camera to take some pics of him, he sat up so straight like he was an old pro at this.

Since it was already past bedtime, we decided to pick up a quick It looks like Antonio is not happy about me taking his pic, but he is really trying to get Tatum to get out of the store. She didn't want to leave and he was pointing at me, the car, or something to bribe her out.
Later during dinner, Mateo was making his poopy face and then wouldn't sit down in his chair. It was obvious he had a stinky diaper, so Antonio took him to his room to change him. About 20 seconds later I hear Antonio screaming for backup. I ran back there only to see the NASTIEST diaper ever!!! It was all over Mateo's outfit, leg, etc. We were debating(quickly) how to get his clothes off of him without getting the poo all over his head/face. I kept telling Antonio to just CUT his outfit off of him because "It just wasn't worth it!" Antonio thought he had a better idea....he told me to hold Mateo upside down by his feet and he would pull the clothes off of him. So, that's what I did.....laughing the whole time along with Mateo. Tatum didn't know what to think. I am just glad there were no pics of this event. After we stripped Mateo down, he went straight to the bath. I pray he never has a dirty diaper like that EVER again!!
Sunday, Mateo and I went to church because I had to keep the 3-4 yr old room. We got there a little early, so I decided to get a few pics of Mateo with his mohawk.

I also made a run to Sonic before church because I needed a Diet Dr. Pepper. After church Mateo was pitching a fit for a drink, so I gave him my cup because it was just melted ice and he was instantly content.
I think this last post catches up my blog for now. For lots of pictures, check out several of the previous posts.

Downtown Fun

This past weekend, we met up with another family downtown to take the kids to ride the trolley.

The kids loved it! It rained a little while we were riding, but not bad enough to ruin our night.

After our trolley ride and dinner, we headed to Beale Street. The Beale Street Flippers were out and we sat and watched them for several minutes. They are always so entertaining and I love seeing them in action.
Tatum and her friend, J, had great front row seats.

After the flippers wore off, we went to hear a band that was playing outside. It was great for the kids because they could all get down and dance in the grass or just run around.

Mateo was on the RUN all night. He is so fast, so we had to keep a close eye on him these days!

Earlier in the week, Tatum got sent home from school with a fever. Later that night, I caught her little bug, so we both stayed home the next day and layed in bed and watched TV. One of my sweet new friends owns the Edible Arrangements in town and she sent Tatum and I some fruit and a balloon to make us feel better. Tatum had been playing dressup, so that should explain her crazy tights....yes, she plays dressup with her REAL clothes even though she has plenty of dress up clothes...errrr

Her tights are inside out too. She cracks me up with the outfits she comes out in, but it is also a little frustrating that she pulls out all of her NICE clothes to play in.

Our 4th of July

Our 4th of July was fairly low key this year. The past 2 years we have been on the beach watching the fireworks over the ocean, but this year we planned our vacation a little later, so we got to spend this year with close friends.

We went over a little later because we wanted the kids to get a good nap, so we missed most of the swimming. However, we let Tatum get in for a few minutes. She is sure a fish this year.

Antonio, Mateo, and Colin were chillin on the swing...
I think Tatum thought she was in a kayak?
Here are the mommies with our 3 little boys. They were all born within 6 months of one another. Mateo is the oldest, then Colin(on the left), and then Luke (in the middle).
Tatum had a blast playing with Colin, Mateo, and this big ball. There was a little sibling rivalry going on in the picture below and Colin didn't know what to do.

Mateo LOVES to just run around outside.
I asked Tatum to give Mateo a hug so I could take their picture with their matching outfits and this is what I got...hmmm
These next 2 were as good as I could get of them together.

When it got dark, some of us headed outside for a few fireworks. It is funny now that we have kids, our fireworks consist of TONS of sparklers and a few bottle rockets. Mateo had fun helping Daddy with the fireworks.
Luke had the best time with the sparklers. He sure made his mommy and I a little nervous though because he was waving that thing around everywhere.
I guess you are wondering where Tatum was? Well she was TERRIFIED of the fireworks. She wouldn't even go outside. She said she was fine sitting on the couch and if the fireworks got loud she would start shaking and crying. Hope this phase doesn't last long, but I am thankful that fireworks aren't part of the normal daily routine.

Wedding Time

Some of our great friends, Keith and Laura, got married July 3rd. They lived 2 houses down from us for years, but moved about 2-3 yrs ago.

We were excited to be a part of their special day...and also to have a kid-free night.

Here are the "Three Amigos" (aka...Cindy, Laura, and Me)
Keith and me.

Laura was just beautiful! The wedding was amazing and everything was perfect. Towards the end of the night, Laura was sporting Keith's tie.
Thanks again for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!

Playing Catch Up (as usual)

Tatum and I went home at the end of June to check on some things for my parents. While there, we did several things....

We went to my grandfather's grave (Pops). He passed away a few months after Antonio and I got married, so Tatum never knew him.

She kept wanting to smell his flowers. I told her they wouldn't smell good because they weren't real, but she insisted on smelling them anyway. She kept saying "MMMMmmm" everytime she would stand up from smelling them.

Next, we went to the carwash because my car needed a bath! I didn't think about the fact that Tatum is rarely with me when I do this. I decided to take pictures since she said she had never given the car a bath.

She was keeping an eye on everything going on around her trying to decide what to think about it all...

She still wasn't sure what to think...

Okay, she finally decided that she HATED the carwash. I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was pretty funny. She said it was too loud and that's why she didn't like it.

Tatum is also very into police officers and firemen. Lucky for her that I have a friend from high school that is now a police officer back home. I managed to get in touch with him and he said he would meet up with us after he finished his shift so she could see him. Tatum was so cute. She was shy and hid behind me instead of talking to him. He even turned on his lights for her. I was a little suprised that Tatum was willing to take a picture with him because she was being so shy, but she did.

I had to go to the post office while I was home and on my trip there I saw this BEAUTIFUL building that was perfect for pictures. Tatum just so happened to have on a cute outfit, so after the post office, we jumped out and took some pics.

I think this next one is my favorite of all the pictures I took...and I think I took over 100 at least. She was trying to keep her hair out of her face which was a little tough because the wind was blowing.