Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 4th of July

Our 4th of July was fairly low key this year. The past 2 years we have been on the beach watching the fireworks over the ocean, but this year we planned our vacation a little later, so we got to spend this year with close friends.

We went over a little later because we wanted the kids to get a good nap, so we missed most of the swimming. However, we let Tatum get in for a few minutes. She is sure a fish this year.

Antonio, Mateo, and Colin were chillin on the swing...
I think Tatum thought she was in a kayak?
Here are the mommies with our 3 little boys. They were all born within 6 months of one another. Mateo is the oldest, then Colin(on the left), and then Luke (in the middle).
Tatum had a blast playing with Colin, Mateo, and this big ball. There was a little sibling rivalry going on in the picture below and Colin didn't know what to do.

Mateo LOVES to just run around outside.
I asked Tatum to give Mateo a hug so I could take their picture with their matching outfits and this is what I got...hmmm
These next 2 were as good as I could get of them together.

When it got dark, some of us headed outside for a few fireworks. It is funny now that we have kids, our fireworks consist of TONS of sparklers and a few bottle rockets. Mateo had fun helping Daddy with the fireworks.
Luke had the best time with the sparklers. He sure made his mommy and I a little nervous though because he was waving that thing around everywhere.
I guess you are wondering where Tatum was? Well she was TERRIFIED of the fireworks. She wouldn't even go outside. She said she was fine sitting on the couch and if the fireworks got loud she would start shaking and crying. Hope this phase doesn't last long, but I am thankful that fireworks aren't part of the normal daily routine.

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