Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The family and I are definitely enjoying our summer. I love our family weekend routine. Saturdays consist of going to the pool, lunch at the pool, home for naps, showers and baths, and then head to church.

If you are from the Memphis area, or know anything about the area, you may have heard of Jerry's Sno Cones. It is well known for its delicious sno cones, but Antonio and I have never been there. We decided to head there after church Saturday to eat dinner and then treat ourselves to a yummy sno cone.

When we got up to the window to order our food (burgers, fries, chicken tenders, fried pickles, etc), they informed us that the grill was broken. Antonio and I decided quickly to go ahead and get sno cones since the line was long and we hated to walk away empty handed. While we were waiting on our treats (before dinner), we decided to document our adventure with a few pictures...

When the sno cones were ready, we sat in the back of the explorer to enjoy the sno cones. Tatum was SO EXCITED to be having a treat before she even made a happy plate!
(Side note: Tatum is constantly asking me to let her wear her hair down these days. If you ever see us, her hair is ALWAYS up because she won't keep it out of her face and that drives me crazy. Well, I let her wear it down to church and she did pretty well. I can't believe how long her hair is these days!!)
Mateo really enjoyed the sno cones too...notice the red lips. When I picked up the camera to take some pics of him, he sat up so straight like he was an old pro at this.

Since it was already past bedtime, we decided to pick up a quick dinner...pizza. It looks like Antonio is not happy about me taking his pic, but he is really trying to get Tatum to get out of the store. She didn't want to leave and he was pointing at me, the car, or something to bribe her out.
Later during dinner, Mateo was making his poopy face and then wouldn't sit down in his chair. It was obvious he had a stinky diaper, so Antonio took him to his room to change him. About 20 seconds later I hear Antonio screaming for backup. I ran back there only to see the NASTIEST diaper ever!!! It was all over Mateo's outfit, leg, etc. We were debating(quickly) how to get his clothes off of him without getting the poo all over his head/face. I kept telling Antonio to just CUT his outfit off of him because "It just wasn't worth it!" Antonio thought he had a better idea....he told me to hold Mateo upside down by his feet and he would pull the clothes off of him. So, that's what I did.....laughing the whole time along with Mateo. Tatum didn't know what to think. I am just glad there were no pics of this event. After we stripped Mateo down, he went straight to the bath. I pray he never has a dirty diaper like that EVER again!!
Sunday, Mateo and I went to church because I had to keep the 3-4 yr old room. We got there a little early, so I decided to get a few pics of Mateo with his mohawk.

I also made a run to Sonic before church because I needed a Diet Dr. Pepper. After church Mateo was pitching a fit for a drink, so I gave him my cup because it was just melted ice and he was instantly content.
I think this last post catches up my blog for now. For lots of pictures, check out several of the previous posts.


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