Sunday, June 29, 2008

The FIRST 24 HOURS....

Well, we made it to FL last night around 5pm. My sister, my dad and I headed to Wal-Mart to get groceries and other necessities. My mom, Cyp, Antonio, and all 3 girls stayed behind at the house. Wal-Mart was PACKED!!!!! Crazy!!!! And the people(other shoppers) were SO RUDE!!! My sister went one way, my dad went another way, and I went the other way. We divided it all up to get done faster. I stood in line 30 minutes just to get deli meat!

While we were gone to Wal-Mart, Antonio called my dad. My mom had an accident and the police, firetrucks, and ambulance were all at our house! Everything was calm when we returned from Wal-Mart. My mom is okay, but how crazy!?!?!

Today is nasty and rainy. We are cooped up in the house. The guys are playing Guitar Hero, Dad is napping, Tatum and Mya are napping, Laurie is reading, my mom and Mckayla are playing a game, and I am blogging!

So to recap, the first FOUR hours, ambulance, police, and firemen have already been to the house! Don't worry, I have pictures thanks to my bro-in-law! I will post them when I get home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here's a Riddle for you all....

What does a pregnant woman do when she has 2 bad hair days in a row and is tired of the Memphis HEAT????

Here's the answer.....

She goes from looking like this at Christmas 2007..... this at her birthday (4/20/08)..... this at 13 weeks pregnant......

This picture shows the SHOCK in my eyes when I saw how short it is....this picture is a reinactment of course....
....and now I think I like it. This isn't the best picture of the front because I am not supposed to tuck it behind my ears since it doesn't allow the precious cut to be seen, but I just can't help myself.
Here is the back...
I go back in 2 weeks to get my color done and I think I am going to get some minor things done to "fix" it. Until then, this is the NEW ME!

I wanted to do "locks of love" yesterday since i cut off so much, but I color my hair, so I couldn't. oh well....

I sure hope i don't regret's just hair, right?

Tatum's New DO

I took Tatum to get another haircut yesterday and she did pretty good. I couldn't take pics during her cut though cause I was entertaining her.

Here are the AFTER pics....

I got a cute little bob cut for her. I warned Antonio not to freak out when he picked her up from daycare cause she looks like she is TWO
The back is really where you can see the difference.....

13 Weeks

This past Monday, I was 13 weeks and took pictures, but procrastinated on posting them. This past weekend, Antonio got ALL of my maternity clothes down from the attic. THere were 7 tubs of clothes! I know that is lots, but they were all of my maternity clothes that I wore with Tatum along with all of my sister's maternity clothes. Monday, I couldn't find anything to wear, so I wore my FIRST maternity outfit. Not cause i needed to, but cause I LOVED this outfit last time.

You can see that I have a little bump now in the picture below.

The pic below shows that I am getting wider I think. This outfit doesn't really show my shape too well, but for what it's worth, here it is.
And finally my little bump through my clohes.
I am still down 3 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. I am still getting sick, but I hope it is getting better. If you haven't read my other blog page lately "Baby Simpson #2" blogpage, we have decided to NOT find out the sex of the baby! I am so excited!

I guess that's all for now. We are heading to the beach Saturday morning, so I won't be posting any belly pics or any other pics, until we get back.


Well,......sort of. Antonio has had his motorcycle since before we started dating. He loves it, and so do I!!! Due to 2 ACL surgeries over the past 3 years, Antonio's bike has not been in use for a while! Well, we decided it was time to get "Latronda" (Yep, we named the bike-but that's a whole different blog) back up and running about a month ago since gas prices are so high and we miss going for a good ride. So, 4 weeks and SEVERAL $$$$ spent, we went and picked up Antonio's bike last Thursday. Here are some pics of me following him...

The repair guy said that he may still have some issues with it because the carborator(?) is full of junk cause it was unused for so long and not stored properly(he didn't winterize it?). Jump to Friday morning, Antonio got up and got ready for work. We checked the weather and he headed out on his bike. What a great day, right? WRONG! ANtonio called me about 10 minutes later and said he was on the side of the road. He FINALLY made it to work, but had to have one of his coworkers to load his bike in the back of his truck and bring him home. Antonio has been working on it and we hope it is clearing out the carborator. We are heading to FL next week and then either we will take the bike back to the shop or get it up and running ourselves(ok, I just watch, but that has to count for something?).
Hopefully, the days of riding the bike are back, if not, I keep telling Antonio to trade his in and get a new one. He thinks more rationally than me and doesn't want to invest in a new bike right now, but I like it that he has something he loves so much. I am also hoping that I can start DRIVING it instead of just riding.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If This Doesn't Make You Cry.....

This video is from America's Got Talent. We usually don't watch it, but I recorded it last night and this little girl made me cry! She is SO SWEET and innocent! It may just be because I am pregnant, but wow, she is just precious! Let me know what you think....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This one's for you....

I have a few friends that have recently found out that they are expecting boys, so ladies, this one's for YOU!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Current Favorite Song

Antonio, Tatum, and I have been attending a new church for about 4 months now and I just LOVE their music!!!! I finally asked one of the sound guys today if they sell CDs of the music or anything and he said no, but told me which artist's music they sing most often. Here is my FAVORITE song that we sing!!!

If you are wondering, this is Plantshakers and the song is called "Healer".

A few more Florida Pics

My friend Brandy, who went to FL with us, just sent me a few of her pictures that she took.....

Can we say picture perfect????

I forgot to mention in my first Florida post that we actually saw a SHARK in the water, very close to us(5-10 feet). Someone spotted it and they were walking down the beach clearing everyone out. Brandy was the only one in the water at the time and she was too far out to really hear us, so I threw up a sign and she came in quick. Here is what I did.....
Finally, since my mom doesn't check my blog anymore, I don't have to worry about her seeing the next two pictures....LOL...just remember that they weren't on MY camera.
My mom sat in the back with Tatum to keep her entertained and change out her movies in her DVD player. I REALLY think she sat back there so she could do love Tatum's look in this last picture. I think she is saying....."If Grandmommy would quit snoring, I could hear my movie."
WE LOVE YOU GRANDMOMMY!!! I also had to get you back for that picture you took of Gran while she was in the hospital. I guess that look runs in the family?

Friday, June 13, 2008

18 Month Check Up at 19.5 Months

I took Tatum yesterday for her 18 month check up. Yes, it was pretty late, but due to her last ear infection, our Destin trip, and not being able to get an appt, we finally took her yesterday.

Here are her stats....

Weight: 28 pounds - 90% percentile

HC: 47.5 - 75-90% percentile

Height: 33 inches - 90% percentile

I did ask the nurse if she was in higher percentiles cause we were doing her 18 month checkup so late, and she said no. She showed me that she graphed her at 19.5 months. She has had a MAJOR growth spurt since the last time we were there....15 months.

That's it....Tatum is a healthy, growing, normal(I think she is better than normal of course) little girl.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Funny

Dr's appt 6-13-08

I had my dr's appt OFFICIAL first OB appt.

THE GOOD: I heard the heartbeat from the dopplar on top of my belly. It was all over the place, but my doctor said it was around 150. I had no weight gain, two pounds lost.

THE BAD: I BEGGED Dr. B to do my ultrasoud to see what I am having on the next appt.(Yes, we are finding out because Antonio wants to.) We MAY not tell, but I am sure we will end up telling everyone when we find out. However, Dr. B said she wouldn't do the ultrasound til 19 weeks, so 8 MORE WEEKS (mid August)!

They also took 4 HUGE vials of blood to do more bloodwork.

THE UGLY: I had to get my "annual" done(you ladies know what I am talking about). I just HATE it. It's not that bad, but just the anticipation of it drives me crazy.

THE FUNNY: My due date has gone from Jan 1, to Dec 29th, and now to Jan 2nd. Dr. B assures me that I will be induced at the end of December, but told me to keep my due date at Jan 1st cause 'it's the COOLEST date of the 3'.

Also, I LOVE my dr. She is so down to earth and I just love how she practices. Anyway we got to talking so much today about FL and kids and everything else that she finished everything and said 'well, I will see you next month!' I immediately stopped her and started laughing.....I had to ask her to check for the heartbeat...she said that she got to talking so much that she forgot.

Everything went well. I got some scripts to help with my migranes that seem to be acting up pretty bad these days. I also got two other scripts for CHEWABLE prenatal vitamins, and something else, I can't even remember what.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old, Random Tatum Pics

These are some old pictures of Tatum that I thought I would post now since I didn't post them earlier...

These first few pictures are from a random Saturday morning. I got Tatum up and put her down so she could do her daily routine....aka..go talk to Maggie for a few minutes before eating breakfast. However, instead of coming to me after she talked to Maggie for a while, I went to the kitchen to find her doing this....

She grabbed one of her clean towels off of the kitchen table and was trying to cover herself up and go back to sleep I guess? I thought it was cute, so I grabbed my camera.

Some of you may or may not know, but Antonio has had a motorcycle since before we started dating. He hasn't ridden it in a while though because he has had ACL surgeries on both of his knees over the past few years. Well, we decided it was time to send the bike to the shop to get it up and running again this summer since gas prices are so high. After he took his bike to the shop, he got his gloves and helmet out and let Tatum play with them. Here are the pictures...

I am pretty sure she liked the gloves more than the helmet.
The Saturday before Tatum and I left for Destin, Antonio and I decided to take Tatum downtown to the Peobody to see the ducks walk in. Tatum LOVES ducks and if you ask her what they say, she will tell you "QUACK, QUACK"!! Anyway, it was very crowded that Saturday and Tatum had no clue why she was there even though we told her, so she wasn't wanting to sit still and wait for the ducks.
I finally had to give her a 'pow pow' right before the ducks came in....she cried until she saw the ducks and then it was "QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK......"

It was fun to take her down there to see the ducks and she definitely enjoyed herself. That's all the pics for now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Destin, FL Pics.....ENJOY!

As promised, here are my pictures from my Destin trip with my mom, Brandy(a great friend of mine), and Tatum. I didn't take many/any pictures except on the beach and I think I am only in one of them. Not great planning on my part, but I am sure everyone would much rather see pictures of Tatum than me. Also, these first pictures that I took on the first day we were there are a little blurry in the middle, apparently there was a smudge on my camera and I didn't know it....sorry.

My mom and Tatum at the water's edge...

Look how CLEAR the water is!!!!

As Tatum was walking around in the sand on the first day, she did a major face plant in the sand. And of course, before I could wipe her face off, I HAD to take pictures!!! She wasn't crying, so I figured she wouldn't mind...

Below is Brandy and Tatum at the water's edge...
Me, Tatum, and Brandy...
Tatum ACTED like she was going to take a nap on the beach under the umbrella, but she faked us out!

My dad came down the last few days we were there, so here is a picture of him below. It was before we were heading to the beach and he got a major rub down of sunscreen. I also sprayed some stuff in his hair so his head didn't blister, so I spiked his hair

I thought this was such a clever way of advertising on the beach, and I am sure the person getting to do this was having a blast too...

If you know my dad at all, he can NOT stay in the sun for long since he blisters so badly and he has also had a little skin cancer taken off of his face a few years ago. However, he stayed at the beach with us(under the umbrella for most of the time) for almost 2 HOURS!!! He spoiled Tatum so much too. She LOVED the beach, LOVED the waves, LOVED the clear water, LOVED the sand, etc. I, on the other hand, HATE the sand, won't go in the water unless I can see, etc. So, anyone that would take Tatum to the water's edge was her best friend. My dad was definitely her favorite the whole time he was there since he took her to the water's edge and also in the water.

That's it, no more pictures from FL except this last one. However, we will be going back at the end of June and I promise to take more pics and not only on the beach.