Friday, June 13, 2008

18 Month Check Up at 19.5 Months

I took Tatum yesterday for her 18 month check up. Yes, it was pretty late, but due to her last ear infection, our Destin trip, and not being able to get an appt, we finally took her yesterday.

Here are her stats....

Weight: 28 pounds - 90% percentile

HC: 47.5 - 75-90% percentile

Height: 33 inches - 90% percentile

I did ask the nurse if she was in higher percentiles cause we were doing her 18 month checkup so late, and she said no. She showed me that she graphed her at 19.5 months. She has had a MAJOR growth spurt since the last time we were there....15 months.

That's it....Tatum is a healthy, growing, normal(I think she is better than normal of course) little girl.


Jenny R. said...

What a BEAUTIFUL, Healthy, Growing little girl you have!!! Just like her mommy!!

Jenny R. said...

Okay, so I just read the post after it posted. Let me re-phrase.... She is beautiful just like her mommy!!!

Insert foot in mouth. Didn't mean for it to sound like that. Sorry. Love ya.

Janice said...

Gotcha! One point for Jenny R toward payback time.