Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well,......sort of. Antonio has had his motorcycle since before we started dating. He loves it, and so do I!!! Due to 2 ACL surgeries over the past 3 years, Antonio's bike has not been in use for a while! Well, we decided it was time to get "Latronda" (Yep, we named the bike-but that's a whole different blog) back up and running about a month ago since gas prices are so high and we miss going for a good ride. So, 4 weeks and SEVERAL $$$$ spent, we went and picked up Antonio's bike last Thursday. Here are some pics of me following him...

The repair guy said that he may still have some issues with it because the carborator(?) is full of junk cause it was unused for so long and not stored properly(he didn't winterize it?). Jump to Friday morning, Antonio got up and got ready for work. We checked the weather and he headed out on his bike. What a great day, right? WRONG! ANtonio called me about 10 minutes later and said he was on the side of the road. He FINALLY made it to work, but had to have one of his coworkers to load his bike in the back of his truck and bring him home. Antonio has been working on it and we hope it is clearing out the carborator. We are heading to FL next week and then either we will take the bike back to the shop or get it up and running ourselves(ok, I just watch, but that has to count for something?).
Hopefully, the days of riding the bike are back, if not, I keep telling Antonio to trade his in and get a new one. He thinks more rationally than me and doesn't want to invest in a new bike right now, but I like it that he has something he loves so much. I am also hoping that I can start DRIVING it instead of just riding.

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Jenny R. said...

Not till after the baby!!