Friday, June 13, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Funny

Dr's appt 6-13-08

I had my dr's appt OFFICIAL first OB appt.

THE GOOD: I heard the heartbeat from the dopplar on top of my belly. It was all over the place, but my doctor said it was around 150. I had no weight gain, two pounds lost.

THE BAD: I BEGGED Dr. B to do my ultrasoud to see what I am having on the next appt.(Yes, we are finding out because Antonio wants to.) We MAY not tell, but I am sure we will end up telling everyone when we find out. However, Dr. B said she wouldn't do the ultrasound til 19 weeks, so 8 MORE WEEKS (mid August)!

They also took 4 HUGE vials of blood to do more bloodwork.

THE UGLY: I had to get my "annual" done(you ladies know what I am talking about). I just HATE it. It's not that bad, but just the anticipation of it drives me crazy.

THE FUNNY: My due date has gone from Jan 1, to Dec 29th, and now to Jan 2nd. Dr. B assures me that I will be induced at the end of December, but told me to keep my due date at Jan 1st cause 'it's the COOLEST date of the 3'.

Also, I LOVE my dr. She is so down to earth and I just love how she practices. Anyway we got to talking so much today about FL and kids and everything else that she finished everything and said 'well, I will see you next month!' I immediately stopped her and started laughing.....I had to ask her to check for the heartbeat...she said that she got to talking so much that she forgot.

Everything went well. I got some scripts to help with my migranes that seem to be acting up pretty bad these days. I also got two other scripts for CHEWABLE prenatal vitamins, and something else, I can't even remember what.


JRH said...

wow-za! how exciting to possibly be having a New Year's baby! that is too fun. you take care of yourself missy!! :)

Jenny R. said...

That is great that it went well. I can't wait to find out what you are having because you know you will want to shout it from the rooftop!!!! I know I will.

Nicole said...

I am glad to hear your check up went well! Is your Dr. B in the Memphis OB/GYN group? And I HATE the annual being done...I literally cry, so I feel your pain!

Kimberly said...

Good thing you are on a good pharmaceutical insurance plan!! I miss that and am paying out the wazoo this pregnancy for things.

Also I think u need to have this baby Jan. 1st at 12:00am because usually the first baby of the year makes the nightly local news.

I hope you get feeling better!

Martha said...

Congratulations on being pregnant! I know you can't wait to find out what it is:)