Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just Breathe...

I know this blog is long overdue. I have been SO incredibly busy with work, family, and I was sick last weekend too. I have taken MANY pictures over the past week and here they are...

Last weekend, it was planned that my brother from Virginia was going to fly in for the weekend. Long story, short, he was unable to come. However, since my parents and grandmother had already planned to come to town, they decided to come anyway. So, Friday night, I was feeling HORRIBLE, but everyone came over to our house and then we went out to eat.

Here are Mya (my niece who is 6 weeks younger than Tatum), Tatum, and our dog Maggie. Maggie is so good and calm around the babies and the girls LOVED Maggie.

Next is a pic of Tatum and Mya "playing" together.
Needless to say, those 6 weeks Tatum has on Mya means that Tatum usually wins the toy fight, but Mya doesn't mind.

I thought these next pics were funny...Both girls are pulling up at the same time....
...and now they are standing...

Grandmommy and Tatum...
Mckayla wanted to jump in the picture. How cute is this!?!?

This weekend, we were able to spend time with lots of our friends. Tim and Jennifer are SO good with Tatum and everyone elses kids too. On the couch you can see. Tim(with all the toys), Coleman, Tatum(in Coleman's lap), and Jennifer laughing at it all.

Here is Kevin holding Camryn and Antonio...
Next is Tim spoiling Tatum as usual. She sure LOVES Tim!!!

Coleman loves to get his picture taken and wants to see if it is a good picture when you get done. He is so funny and cute.

I have posted pictures of Oliver the dog before, but here are more pictures. Look how great he is with kids and how big he is too.
Coleman sure loves his dog!
Jennifer had a blast spoiling Camryn when she didn't want to go to sleep.

Tatum decided she didn't want to go to sleep when we put her down either, so we all sat in the chair and tried to get her to go to sleep. Needless to say she is too big to go to sleep in our arms, but we had fun anyway.
She sure thought it was funny that we were trying to make her go to sleep.

Tonight, we had a tailgate party at our church. Everyone was to bring tables, tents, decorations of our favorite team, food, chairs, and anything else. It was so much fun to see how everyone decorated and all the good food we got to eat. Tim and Jennifer helped us with our table. Here we are...

Of course, some people REALLY went all out, but that just meant we knew which tables to "graze" for the GOOD food!
This next tent won top honors!! It was the Mississippi State group and they did an awesome job.
Look at the food layout!!!

This is Pastor Craig below showing off his yummy meat.
As the night got darker, we watched a football game that was projected on the big screen in the picture below.

Below is Pastor Craig's daughter holding Tatum.
Later in the afternoon/night Mike, Jenny, and Mackenzie joined us for a little bit to hang out.

As the night got darker, some of the men in the church decided to gather around the trash can and sing a tailgating song for us all. It was too funny. I think they just made up the song, but they sure had a great time.
This is Mackenzie showing off her teeth.

Needless to say, by the end of the night Tatum was worn out!

We had such a great time. Other notable things about the past week or so...
-I was sick ALL last weekend! It was horrible, but at least I didn't have to miss any work. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who took care of Tatum on Saturday and Sunday so I could sleep and lay on the couch or in bed.
-Tatum turned 11 months old on Sept 27th!! In less than a month, our little girl will be ONE!! We(I) have been planning her party and hopefully everything will be great.
-Also, on Sept 27th, another friend from church had her baby. Mia came out healthy, happy, and loved. I got to see her on Thursday in the hospital and on Friday in the hospital too. Her mommy did great and is going to be a wonderful mom!
I guess that is all for now. I know I am not blogging as much, but I am so busy with work. I LOVE my job so it is not a bad thing at all. It is nice to be busy, but when I come home the last thing I want to do is post a blog (sorry). I love to come home and spend time with Tatum and then when she goest to bed I get to spend time with Antonio.
I will try to be better. This week at work looks okay, but next week is going to be another CRAZY one.
Until next time...