Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Blog Heard 'Round the World

I have no idea why I titled this blog like I did, but I am tired of reading everyone else's cute titles only to be left with no creativity when it comes to posting blogs, so sorry for the weird title. Anyway, I know my last blog had no pics, so this one contains LOTS of pics!!

Starting off...a picture of Tatum's last bottle from over a week ago!!
She has done so well going from bottle to sippy cup. We did the transition cold turkey, and she has not fussed about it one time! Next is a picture of Tatum with her hair up.
With my new job, I get lots of boxes of goodies to give out in offices. Tatum loves to help me open them and see what I got in the mail. Here is her helping as she usually does.

Later the same day, we were eating supper and Antonio wanted me to take Tatum's hair down so he could give her a bath. This is what Tatum looked like after I took it down. (no hair spray or any other products were added)

Daddy and Tatum post bath time.
Daddy and Tatum after getting rubbed down with lotion. Tatum looks JUST LIKE her daddy, but that's okay because I think her daddy is too cute too!

When I was out of town for work, I took the camera, but was VERY bad about taking pictures of all of my training buddies. However, while we were there, my company surprised us and had the lead singer from the Spin Doctors to come in and perform for us. Gotta love working for such a great company!!

Today, Antonio, Tatum, and I went to see Mckayla play soccer. She is #7.

You can see how interested Tatum was in watching the game.
This is a pic of Mya on the left and Tatum on the right. You may wonder why they are not playing together, but just be patient because later pics will explain.

Here Tatum is pulling on Mya's pacifier that is attached to her. Mya did NOT like this and Tatum made her cry.

Other new things going on?...
Antonio and I finally made a decision and put Tatum on a waiting list for a good private school in town. I know she is not even one yet, but she will start on her second birthday if she has a spot. I am really excited about our decision and this means that we don't have to be in such a hurry to move into another house for the next few years!
As reported in an earlier blog, Tatum has 8 teeth. Well, here lately, when I (or Antonio) am holding her, she tends to bite us on our shoulder, arm, or whatever. I am suddenly a little worried that our little precious Tatum is going to be a biter. Antonio and I have started biting her back. (I hear this is what you are supposed to do? Anyone got any other suggestions, let me know.) Another reason I think she is biting or going to start biting is because I picked her up from daycare Friday and was talking to a younger lady that works in Tatum's class and we were talking about if any of the kids ever had a problem with biting. She named some of the older kids that just got moved up had been biters. I asked her if Tatum had ever biten anyone and she told me "only the other teacher!!!" I felt so bad because that other teacher never mentioned it to me!!

Below is a video of Tatum at the end of dinner.

Here is a little bit of the Spin Doctors' lead singer performing in Orlando at our meeting. He changed up the words of his song "Little Miss" to my company's name and other applicable industry lingo.
This last video was taken before I left to go to Orlando. It displays a little of Tatum's personality and a new thin she does all the time. She gets her little tongue going. Antonio and I think it is so funny and she does too.

Until next time...

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