Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings....

Some of you out there have been wondering what Baby Boy Simpson is "craving" these days. Well, here are some of the things that I usually don't eat, but find myself eating a crazy amount of these days.

Let's start with my morning routine. I eat an apple every morning.

Sometimes I have my apple with peanut butter, and sometimes plain. I know the peanut butter is good for protein, so it helps me go longer without getting hungry.
I also fix a cup of crushed ice and grab a bottle of the G2 Gatorade since it is lower in calories. Right now, I am preferring the purple one more than the others.
I loved sushi before I got pregnant, but I still love it now. Don't worry, I only eat the rolls that are cooked, so no harm for the baby. Plus the salad with the ginger dressing was great for me while I was getting so sick all the time cause the ginger was supposed to help my nausea.
Finally, I have been eating Lenny's every other day for the past 2 weeks. I actually had it for lunch today and just picked it up for supper too.

I guess that's all I am "craving" right now. The apples have to be my #1 though for sure. I eat them ALL the time. I definitely have some in the morning and usually one at night too.
For you other pregnant ladies out there(or those of you that have ever been pregnant), what are YOU (did you) "crave" while you were pregnant???

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

18 Weeks in Memphis

In case you didn't know, it is HOT HOT HOT in Memphis!!!!! I am just glad that I am not 8 or 9 months pregnant! If you want to see proof of how hot it is, here is a picture I took in my car today around 2:30...

As you can see, it says 103!!!
Now, here are some belly pics below... The first one is an 18 weeks picture from the front...

I attempted to do a side by side comparison so everyone can see how much I have grown. The picture to the left is me at 12 weeks, and the picture to the right is me at 18 weeks. See, I have grown quiet a bit!
Now for TP Tuesday....Today, I am between 8 and 1/4 squares and 8 and 1/3 squares. So, A LITTLE growth from last week. I really do feel like I have popped out a lot. I just weighed again this morning, and I have not gained weight still. I have not been getting sick as often, but this past weekend, I did get sick a few times. This heat makes me pretty nauseated, so I am trying to work smart and get an early start so if I need to come home earlier, I can.
I promise to be better about updating with pictures. In my defense, our camera cord that we have to connect to the computer so I can upload pics has a
short in it, so you have to really get it in the right position (and HOLD IT THERE) in order to get these pictures uploaded.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Update...

I know I need to post a belly pic still and haven't but I will get around to it one day. Just wanted to quickly update on what is going on with me and the baby boy these days.

I haven't gotten sick ALL WEEK so far. I have felt nauseated a few times, but no getting sick. This is the first week since I was 6 weeks along that I can say this. Let's hope it continues.

I still haven't gained any weight, but I am guessing that is all about to change since I am no longer getting sick. I feel like I have really popped out, but no weight gain(I check the scales everyday).

I think I am going to start keeping track of my growth on here. So, starting officially next week, I will be posting TP Tuesdays, so I will measure how big around I am with toilet paper. Currently, I am 8 and 1/4 squares around. I don't know exactly where I started, but that is where I am as of today at 17 weeks and a few days. I am no skinny minny, so if you really want to know how many inches around my waist is, then get your tape measures out.

This week, the baby is the size of an onion. He is around 5 inches long.

Tatum is officially moving up to the older classroom next week at school. She has been visiting this week and is doing great! When she moves up, she will have themed days everyday in class. Book day, show and tell day, movie day, etc. She will also get to go outside and play everyday which will wear her out I am sure. Tatum is growing up so fast and it just amazes me and Antonio.

Antonio bought a bike this past Saturday and has been riding everyday for 30 min to an hour(even in this crazy Memphis heat). I think he is determined not to gain any sympathy weight with me this time. He is still loving his job and we are doing great.

That is it for us. I will post pictures soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tatum's Big Girl Room

Since the new baby is set to make an arrival sooner than later, we need to get Tatum's new room set up so we can fix her old room up for the new baby. Now I am in search of the "perfect" bedding for Tatum's room so I can get started on it and get her transitioned soon. However, I am at a loss as to what bedding to go with. I will not be doing a theme in there just because i don't like themes. The walls in her room are brown and I would rather not paint in there.....I HATE painting!!!! So, here are some options that I found today when searching the internet. So, leave me a comment and tell me which one you like best...#1, #2, #3, #4, or none of them. if you have any suggestions of anything you have seen out there, let me know that too....I am up for options.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ultrasound Results.....

Yesterday was the day. I was to be at the office at 11 which is the middle of the day. Antonio and I talked about it and decided that he would go to the official ultrasound on August 11th, but he wouldn't go yesterday since he would have to drive across town to get there. I was okay with that and so that was decided.

Then I got to thinking that I didn't want to go alone, so I asked my sister, but she has some interviewing to do, so she couldn't go. SO, I asked one of my best friends to go....Jennifer S. I didn't think she would be able to leave work, but to my HAPPY surprise, she said YES!!!

So, I picked her up and off we went. We got to the office and i called the ultrasound tech on her cell phone. She came and got us fast and we got started. As soon as she put the thing on my belly, we saw this....

And then we saw this.......(it's a close up of the foot....)

Then we were working on finding out the sex. She worked and worked and worked, but the baby was sitting indian style with the umbilical cord between it's legs. She thought she got a peek, but wanted a second opinion to be sure so she went and got anther lady. While she was out, I started poking at my belly and shaking it to maybe get the baby in a better position because I WAS finding out yesterday. When the other lady came in, she put the thing on my belly and saw this IMMEDIATELY....

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

Here is more proof, if you needed more....

Antonio and I are super excited to know for sure. I have thought all along that I was having a boy for SEVERAL reasons, but it was good to confirm it.

So I don't forget, I want to list all the reasons why I thought it was a boy....

1. I had 3 dreams it was a boy and 1 dream it was TWIN boys...glad I wasn't right about the twins.

2. I never had a single migrane when I was pregnant with Tatum. With this pregancy, I get them at least once a week.

3. I never had a since ulcer in my mouth when I was pregnant with Tatum. I have them SO BAD right now.....eerrrr

4. I was sick with Tatum from week 9 to 16, but just in the morning. With this pregnancy, I have been sick since week 6 and it was ALL day sickness til about 15 weeks. Now I just get sick in the morning.

So, there you have it.....we are having a BOY!!! We are discussing a name and think we have the first name down, but are still working on the middle name. We will reveal the WHOLE name soon just to be sure it is the final one so we don't have to listen to anyone's opinion on maybe names. If you have been pregnant, you know how that can be.

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Do YOU Think???

I want to know what you think. Do you think we will have a GIRL or BOY??

Here are some of the what the fun tests have predicted...

Web Womb Chinese Birth Calendar: BOY
Ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart: BOY
Baby Zone’s Gender Predictor: GIRL
Boy or Girl Quiz: 73% chance of GIRL
Old Wive’s Tale Gender Predictor: 73% chance of GIRL Boy or Girl: BOY
Gender Prediction: 55% BOY
Online Pregnancy Test: BOY…your beautiful baby boy will weigh about 11 lbs, 13 oz and have blonde hair and gray eyes

I am going to go ahead and strongly disagree with that last 11 pound 13 oz. baby is WAY TOO BIG!!!! If my dr let's me wait that long I will not be happy.....Can we all say it together?


The DEVIL Made Me Do It!!!

You know how you say "I will NOT do this or that". Then it is dangled in front of you and you do it? And you LOVE it???? Well, that's what I am doing tomorrow.

I am guessing that you have NO clue what I am talking about, so let me fill you in....

Antonio and I had decided not to find out the sex of the baby. To be fair, we had ACTUALLY decided for US to find out, tell everyone we were not finding out, and then it would be a surprise to everyone BUT us. That way we could plan, but still have a fun little secret to ourselves....

This is where "the Devil", aka my sister, comes in the picture. She has a friend who has a sister that does ultrasounds. This girl who does ultrasounds HAPPENS to work in my dr's office. So, my sister said she would do an ultrasound for me to find out the sex this week (only if I wanted of course).

So, I called ANtonio to see what he thought about the idea and he jumped on it. He admitted that he would not be able to keep the sex of the baby a secret if we found out. So, I called the lady and we will be finding out the sex of the baby tomorrow at 11am!!

Now to be fair, my sister is NOT the Devil...I am very glad to be able to find out if this baby is a girl or a boy because consignment sales start next week and I will be able to shop for gender specific stuff now!! SO, watch out consignment sale workers....I will be on a mission next week!

Of course, I will post tomorrow what we find out. Until then, leave a comment and let me know what YOU think.....boy? or girl?

Monday, July 14, 2008

16 Week Update

I had a dr's appt today. Everything went great. I measured right on and got to hear the heartbeat. I did lose another pound and my dr. said that I need to start gaining soon. she said she would give me another month until she started to really get on me though. She said it was ok not to gain, but she doesnt want me losing from now on.

I am still getting sick everyday (which would explain me not gaining still, I think). However, it is more managable, if that is possible. I stopped taking the Zofran because I felt like it stopped working and it was causing a painful side effect. I now get sick in the mornings and feel pretty good the rest of the day.

The heat here in Memphis is not fun, but I know it would be MUCH WORSE if I were further along.

We go back August 11th for the "BIG ULTRASOUND" but we are sticking to our guns and not finding out the sex of the baby.

We are working with Tatum to know what is the "baby's things" vs. "her things". Example...we got out a bottle and tried to explain that it was the baby's but she just said "mine". And my reaction was "oh dear!" She will point to my belly when I ask her where the baby is though, so that is progress, right?

That's about it for a baby update. I need to take another belly pic and post it....I am getting pretty bad about it, but will get one up soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Florida Pics Part 2

Here are more pictures from our Florida 2008 trip. These are from my sister's camera. I tried to put them in some kind of order, but they are still pretty random.

I will start with more of the "beach pictures". Here is Laurie(my sister), Cyp, Mya, and Mckayla...

This is how we spend a great majority of our time at the beach if we were touching the water. As I stated in my last post, the water was green and pretty nasty. Also, I failed to take a belly pic while we were in FL and also this past week, so this will have to do for now. I was walking down with my raft to sit on.
Close up.....
While Mya and Tatum did get along for the most part, there were times that they didnt. Here is one of them. THey were fighting over this whale raft. We just let them fight it out. Is it bad that I thought it was pretty funny to watch? Don't worry, no babies were harmed in this event.
Tatum LOVED tagging along with Mckayla. She THINKS she is 5 too. Here they are playing in the sand together.

This was one night that we went out to eat and the wait was about 45 minutes. This is Cyp, my mom, and my dad waiting.
This is how "our area" on the beach looked most days. (umbrellas, coolers, chairs, towels, rafts, etc)
If my parents are both at the beach this is how they will ALWAYS dad under the umbrella in the shade, and my mom soaking up the sun.

Tatum, Antonio, and me waiting for dinner.

Mckayla posing on the beach. Look at that GREEN water.
Tatum and Antonio playing in the sand and me taking a picture of something.
Cyp's normal look.
Tatum (with Amigo Bear) and Mya happy in their own chairs.
Mckayla and Tatum playing in the sand again.

Mckayla talking on Tatum's phone. How precious is she!?!?! Look at those eyes!
This is Mya's "Kiss Face". It is SO CUTE to see her do it!!
My dad and mom. I guess opposites do attract?

These planes flew over one day and they seemed so close and were very loud.

Thursday night we had some family over that live close. It was my grandmother's sister, her hubby, their daughter, and her family. Here is a picture of some of the meat on the grill...can we say YUMMY!?!?
My cousin Hannah is getting married in August of this year. Here are Hannah and her fiance.
John, Amanda, Brannon, and Hannah... Another shot of all of us eating...

More shots of the drama that happened the first night...

WARNING....this last picture has a little blood in it, so dont scroll down if you don't want to see it!!
That concludes round 2 of the Florida pictures. Now if I could just get my hands on my dad and mom's pictures.....hmmmmm..