Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Update...

I know I need to post a belly pic still and haven't but I will get around to it one day. Just wanted to quickly update on what is going on with me and the baby boy these days.

I haven't gotten sick ALL WEEK so far. I have felt nauseated a few times, but no getting sick. This is the first week since I was 6 weeks along that I can say this. Let's hope it continues.

I still haven't gained any weight, but I am guessing that is all about to change since I am no longer getting sick. I feel like I have really popped out, but no weight gain(I check the scales everyday).

I think I am going to start keeping track of my growth on here. So, starting officially next week, I will be posting TP Tuesdays, so I will measure how big around I am with toilet paper. Currently, I am 8 and 1/4 squares around. I don't know exactly where I started, but that is where I am as of today at 17 weeks and a few days. I am no skinny minny, so if you really want to know how many inches around my waist is, then get your tape measures out.

This week, the baby is the size of an onion. He is around 5 inches long.

Tatum is officially moving up to the older classroom next week at school. She has been visiting this week and is doing great! When she moves up, she will have themed days everyday in class. Book day, show and tell day, movie day, etc. She will also get to go outside and play everyday which will wear her out I am sure. Tatum is growing up so fast and it just amazes me and Antonio.

Antonio bought a bike this past Saturday and has been riding everyday for 30 min to an hour(even in this crazy Memphis heat). I think he is determined not to gain any sympathy weight with me this time. He is still loving his job and we are doing great.

That is it for us. I will post pictures soon.


jessica said...

I am so glad you've had a good week without getting sick. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this continues.

rghopkns said...

W00t, for no morning sickness! Glad to hear everything is going well. Remember to take it easy in this crazy heat/humidity.

Kimberly said...

Ha, I love the idea of you keeping track with toilet paper! U are so clever and cute!

Love all the big girl bedding options btw!

The Duff Family said...

Great to hear you are feeling better!!!