Friday, July 11, 2008

Florida Vacation 2008

Warning....there are LOTS of pictures. I will do my best to explain them.

First, as I posted during our vacation, my mom had an injury that required police, firemen, and paramedics to come out. Here are some pictures that Cyp took for me since i wasn't there. Don't worry, there is no blood in the pics.

While all the drama was happening on our deck, there was a wedding happening on the beach. When it was over, the preacher came up to check on my mom. (He is the guy to the left in the blue shirt with the tie.)
Here is a picture from the 2nd floor balcony. You can see the blood stains on the deck under the chair. It must have been pretty bad, but it all ended okay.

The first morning, we woke up the skies looking like this...

Tatum the first morning on our deck watching the skies as they got darker and darker. SHe is holding her Amigo Bear. He now goes EVERYWHERE with us!
Another pic from the balcony showing our short walk to the beach.

My dad, Laurie, and I helped make breakfast each is the first morning I think. Notice I am wearing a sweatshirt because it was so cold in the house.
Mckayla and her shadow (aka Tatum)

A shot of our fridge full of food!
Mya and Tatum playing in the kitchen floor.
Since it rained all day the first day, we all had to find other things to do. My dad read....
My mom and Laurie talked. Cyp, Mckayla, and Antonio played guitar hero.
Here is a picture of the kitchen.
Day 2 on the beach(I think) Antonio swimming in the NASTY, green water......eeeewwww!

Another day when Antonio decided to go out early in the morning and go boogie boarding. lol...He wasn't out there long.

Tatum, me, and Antonio hanging out in the living room area.
Cyp getting his back rubbed down with lotion. He was being modest and held his shirt up for the pic. know how I know you are gay? lol
There was another day that it rained off and on all day, so my mom decided we should go down to the beach and hunt for shells. THere were so many on the beach and there were lots that weren't broken. Tatum loved the hunt, but it didn't last long cause it started raining again.

Antonio found another way to have fun in the house while it was raining outside.
Tatum didn't want to leave Amigo Bear out of the fun...
When Antonio got tired of pushing Tatum around, Tatum decided Amigo Bear needed to go for a ride by himself. Here she is putting him in....

Tatum and Mya took a bath one night together. They had a blast.
The way they are looking at each other in this next picture says TROUBLE to me!!

Another picture from a morning before we got dressed.
A nice day on the beach. The water was SO CALM this day.

The only day we went to the pool.
Antonio, Tatum, and I went out to dinner one night as a family. We took some pictures while we waited.
Notice that Amigo Bear went with us too...
The funniest/smartest thing I saw while we waited was this little machine. It was the kind you put money in and the claw goes down and you try to catch something. Usually you catch stuffed animals, but in FL you catch LOBSTER and instead of it costing a quarter, it was $2.00 per try!!! I was so surprised to see adults spending up to $20 doing this without success of course. I mean for as much money as they lost on this machine they could have BOUGHT their lobster!
Tatum could not stop looking up during dinner.....what was she looking at?
This thing of course...

After dinner we drove around trying to find the marina so Antonio could get information about going deep sea fishing. During our drive, we saw this.....yep, deer! To be fair, they were in some state park or something.
And we saw this too....I think it is a Bentley(?) limo with suicide doors.
And then we found the marina and this was the boat similar to what Cyp and Antonio went fishing on.
I thought this was.....random....I have seen them before, but they never fail to make me wonder.
Thursday night we went to an unforgetable dinner. Yes it was yummy, but unforgetable because Tatum and Mya were not so well behaved.
A pic of the bull outside of the restaurant.
Mya all smiles after dinner.
Me, Antonio, and Tatum...
Everyone except Laurie...
My parents with Mya and Tatum.

Cyp and Antonio brought back fish from their fishing trip and they bought shrimp and we had a nice lunch Thursday. Here is the shrimp....
Some of the was sure yummy!
Potatoes and corn...

Mya and Mckayla on the beach...

Here is a picture from the beach of the place we stayed. We stayed in the middle one.

While in high school and my first year of college, the youth group would always take a trip down to FL and stay here....
I had intended to go back and visit, but the week went by too quickly and we never went. :(
And of course, what would a trip to the beach be like without taking those "BEACH PICS"???? Here are some of the ones we took.

THere was a YUMMY bakery within waking distance of where we stayed. It was not only yummy and CHEAP, but it was ANTONIO'S BAKERY!!!
Here are a couple of pics of the bathroom. We could see the beach outside of our window.

The view from our room.
Pics on the beach on the last morning before we headed home.

These are all of my pictures that i took, but i know Laurie took lots of pictures at times when I didn't. She also has pictures of Antonio, Tatum, and me on the beach together. I will get them from her and post a few more next week.
We had a wonderful time in Florida and we have already booked our trip for next year, July 4-July 11. We are hoping that Clif, Jennifer, Matt, and Stephanie will all be joining us next year and make it a COMPLETE family vacation.


Jenny R. said...

The pictures are great!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Janice said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are right that we had a great time! Can't wait until next year with four grandchildren and hopefully, four children, four spouses and mom and dad. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Jennifer said...

The place looks really nice! I'm glad you had a good time. Tatum is getting so big.

Nicole said...

Looks like fun was had by all! I love all the pics....makes me want to be there real bad:) I can't wait to take the kids next summer!

JRH said...

oh your pics are great!! such great family pics on the beach. glad you had a good time!