Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Downtown Fun

This past weekend, we met up with another family downtown to take the kids to ride the trolley.

The kids loved it! It rained a little while we were riding, but not bad enough to ruin our night.

After our trolley ride and dinner, we headed to Beale Street. The Beale Street Flippers were out and we sat and watched them for several minutes. They are always so entertaining and I love seeing them in action.
Tatum and her friend, J, had great front row seats.

After the flippers wore off, we went to hear a band that was playing outside. It was great for the kids because they could all get down and dance in the grass or just run around.

Mateo was on the RUN all night. He is so fast, so we had to keep a close eye on him these days!

Earlier in the week, Tatum got sent home from school with a fever. Later that night, I caught her little bug, so we both stayed home the next day and layed in bed and watched TV. One of my sweet new friends owns the Edible Arrangements in town and she sent Tatum and I some fruit and a balloon to make us feel better. Tatum had been playing dressup, so that should explain her crazy tights....yes, she plays dressup with her REAL clothes even though she has plenty of dress up clothes...errrr

Her tights are inside out too. She cracks me up with the outfits she comes out in, but it is also a little frustrating that she pulls out all of her NICE clothes to play in.

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