Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing Catch Up (as usual)

Tatum and I went home at the end of June to check on some things for my parents. While there, we did several things....

We went to my grandfather's grave (Pops). He passed away a few months after Antonio and I got married, so Tatum never knew him.

She kept wanting to smell his flowers. I told her they wouldn't smell good because they weren't real, but she insisted on smelling them anyway. She kept saying "MMMMmmm" everytime she would stand up from smelling them.

Next, we went to the carwash because my car needed a bath! I didn't think about the fact that Tatum is rarely with me when I do this. I decided to take pictures since she said she had never given the car a bath.

She was keeping an eye on everything going on around her trying to decide what to think about it all...

She still wasn't sure what to think...

Okay, she finally decided that she HATED the carwash. I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was pretty funny. She said it was too loud and that's why she didn't like it.

Tatum is also very into police officers and firemen. Lucky for her that I have a friend from high school that is now a police officer back home. I managed to get in touch with him and he said he would meet up with us after he finished his shift so she could see him. Tatum was so cute. She was shy and hid behind me instead of talking to him. He even turned on his lights for her. I was a little suprised that Tatum was willing to take a picture with him because she was being so shy, but she did.

I had to go to the post office while I was home and on my trip there I saw this BEAUTIFUL building that was perfect for pictures. Tatum just so happened to have on a cute outfit, so after the post office, we jumped out and took some pics.

I think this next one is my favorite of all the pictures I took...and I think I took over 100 at least. She was trying to keep her hair out of her face which was a little tough because the wind was blowing.

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