Friday, February 12, 2010

Santa Visit

To say that Tatum was really "into" Christmas and Santa this year would be an understatement. She loved all things Christmas....Santa, reindeer, Christmas lights, our Elf "Anderson", Christmas trees, Baby Jesus, Christmas carols, etc. Seeing her so into things, made it so much more fun for Antonio and I both.

Tatum had ONE wish this Christmas....she wanted a guitar. We decided to take them to see Santa pretty early so we could beat the long lines. Tatum (with my help) wrote a note to Santa so that he wouldn't forget what Tatum wanted for Christmas. Here it is...

For the record, she ONLY wanted a guitar, but I told her we had to put more than that on the list "just in case" Santa didn't have any guitars.

I was afraid when we got up to see Santa Tatum would get scared or something. She has always done great every year, but I am always worried that THIS will be the year she cries when she sees Santa. I decided to give her a pep talk before it was our turn.

When it was her turn, I was SO PROUD!!! She gave Santa her letter and stood and talked to him. She used her manners and everything (I guess she wanted to be sure he knew she was being EXTRA good). I won't lie, I know I was tearing up a little as I watched this all going down. I kept thinking how big she is getting and how proud I was of her for doing so well when she was talking to Santa. Let's face this moment, Santa was her hero. That being said, I can't say that I would have as much courage if I ever saw my hero this close in person.
After the talk, Mateo and Tatum climbed up in Santa's lap to take a quick picture...
After the Santa visit, we took some time to ride the rides on the way out.

And finally, the OFFICIAL (a little overpriced, but oh so worth it) Santa picture.

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