Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here are a couple of pictures and a video from a few weeks ago.

After Tim and Jennifer had baby Luke last month, that is all Tatum will talk about. She would wake up asking to see "Tim, Jennifer, and Baby Luke". She even started carrying her baby doll around and she said he was "Baby Luke". She would take him and his pink blanket to school and everything instead of Amigo Bear.

One Saturday, I was putting Mateo down for his nap and Tatum was pitching a fit. I couldn't figure it out, but then she told me Baby Luke needed a nap too, so we put him in the crib with Mateo. All was well after they both were down for naps.

Also, here is a random video from a few weeks ago. Tatum wanted to count for me and watch it. You can tell the number of the week was 8 because she won't count higher than that for me. She does count in English and then in Spanish. I apologize for her looking so rough, but it was a lazy Saturday morning for us.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Baby doll Luke is cute. I'm glad he got a much needed nap. Tatum is so thoughtful.

And Tatum doesn't look rough!