Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Baby Update 10-18-06

I went to the dr. today and it was a pretty good appt. I was 2.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so a little progress since last week. She also said that she thinks Tatum Alivia is about 7 lbs right now. Antonio and I talked all week and decided that if she would induce me we would schedule it as soon as possible. So, I asked her about it and after a little talking, she said she would do it since I was progressing and we would see if the hospital had room either on 10-23 or 10-26 of next week. After I sat with a lady in the office, she called the hospital and the soonest the could book me was 10-30(my due date). We booked it. After it was booked the lady in the office went and told my dr. So, my dr. told her to change my next office visit from next Wednesday to next Thursday first thing in the morning because Wednesday I would not be seeing her at the right hospital that I need to deliver at, but on Thursdays she is at my hospital. I am to have my husband with me and my bags. So, based on that, I am thinking she is going to send me to the hospital to be admitted after my appt. Hopefully, I am correct in my thinking. If so, we will have little Tatum Alivia in our arms in 8 days!! She also said they would call the hospital at the end of this week to see if any of the people that were scheduled to be induced on Monday already had their baby. If so, then they can obviously fill their spots with someone else. She said if I got lucky with that, then I should know by Friday. I will keep everyone posted. I am so excited that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I have enjoyed pregnancy, but I am so over it now and I want to hold my baby. Keep us in your prayers and pray that I will go into labor on my own by the end of the weekend!! So, send some labor dust my way!! LOL

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Kimberly said...

Yeah! You have a good plan now and she may even become before then! How exciting to know you won't have to wait any longer than a week to see her!
Sorry about yesterday on the phone-Before I could call you back Adalie woke up and I never got a chance after that. I'll call you back today or tomorrow-depending on if she lets me!