Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and Prayer Time

This year for Halloween, Tatum was a flower(and a very cute flower if I do say so myself). Here is a picture of me and Tatum this morning before daycare. Let me say that the rest of my picture are all in reverse order. Sorry, but I am too lazy to change them all.
Since Tatum moved up in the one year old room at daycare, she got to dress up and have a party today. Miss Carol, one of her new teachers, was nice enough to take a picture of the class with my camera. How cute are they!?!?! Right now it is 3 girls and 2 boys in her class, but there is room for one more one year old. So from left to right in the back is Cassidy, Afton, and Sam and in the front is Katie and Tatum.

Before I left Tatum at daycare, I took a few pictures myself. Katie decided she wanted a close up. She is the cutest little girl and has the best personality.
Here is a picture of Tatum in the background and Afton standing up. Afton was in the nursery with Tatum for a little bit and used to give Tatum a kiss everyday when I would bring her into the class every morning, but then he got moved up. However, now that they are in the same room again, the tradition has resumed.
Here is another picture of the class. You can see Miss Carol on the right.
This is Tatum on the way to school.
More pictures at home before we left for daycare.

These next pictures were taken earlier in the week. i thought Tatum looked so grown in her outfit on this day.

Finally, if you wouldn't mind please keep our family in your prayers. Antonio is going in for surgery tomorrow morning at 6am. He is having surgery on his knee for a torn ACL. He has had this surgery before (about 4 years ago on his other knee), but that was before marriage and Tatum. His mom nursed him back to health back then.
Please keep Antonio in your prayers that he will make a fast recovery.
Also, please keep me in your prayers because I will not only be nursing Antonio back to health, but i will also be working full time and taking care of Tatum on my own since Antonio will be unable to help much for at least 2-3 weeks. I will keep you all informed on how everything is going of course. I am sure it is going to be crazy for the next few weeks at my house.


Robynn said...

April, you guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Tatum looked adorable in her costume!

Kimberly said...

Oh Tatum is the prettiest little flower ever! I hope she had a great Halloween!
I will be praying for you guys but know you are SUPERMOM so if anyone can handle it-you can!