Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not MY Baby!!

Well, it happened. I thought it would never happen to ME, but it did and I didn't like it! I was surprised, scared, grossed out, etc. Let me tell you about it...

My mom stopped by my house early this morning to see me before she picked my dad up from the airport at 7:45 am. She left and I fixed Tatum's cup of milk and headed to her room to get her up and start getting ready for church. I opened the door to her room and a funny smell hit me. My thought was "MAN, we need to empty the diaper thing today!" Tatum was talking and playing in her crib and I turned on the light and started to sing her a little good morning song. I got closer and froze. I piered over to look at her crib and there it was. Tatum had thrown up in her crib and it was EVERYWHERE!!! All over her stuffed animals, blanket, sheet, in her hair, on her pacifier, EVERYWHERE! I immediately yelled for Antonio who was still in bed asleep so I think I gave him a mild heart attack. I picked Tatum up with my arms stretched out as far as they could go and put her in the tub and undressed her. Antonio and I(the perfect team) went into action. He stripped the bed and put everything in the washing machine and I gave Tatum a good bath and washed her hair 3 times, drained the tub and gave her another bath and washed her hair again.

Antonio went ahead and went to church and I figured Tatum and I would veg out on the couch. Well as I have stated earlier, Tatum has 3 molars coming in(maybe 4), so vegging out on the couch was just not enough excitement. She has cried and screamed and drooled and cried some more all day. I feel so bad for her. We have given her Tylenol for her fever and baby orajel for her teeth, but nothing has seemed to help. She won't nap either. Tatum is usually a great sleeper but not today. Finally late this afternoon I decided to take her for a walk outside. We walked(well I did and she rode) and walked and walked and walked some more. After an hour, she finally was out asleep for the first time all day!!

I brought her in and held her while she slept. I FINALLY put her to bed around 7:15 and right now at 7:36 she is still sleeping. Keep her in your prayers. I feel so bad that I can't do more to help her. I plan to take her to the dr in the morning. I am scared she may have an ear infection as well. Antonio and I never had them, but she has been pulling at her ears. If anyone has ANY advice on what to do to help her, PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment!!

I never thought i would have a baby that would get sick in her bed. I guess, once again, I was wrong!

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