Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So, today has been a crazy day. There comes a time when I must speak up for myself and I am thankful that I have my blog page so I can do this from time to time. I don't usually post negative things on here, and I hope this isn't too bad, but I just need to get some things off my chest.

Why is it that people always feel the need to criticize, gossip, demean, pass judgement, degrade, etc others that they call friends? From what I have seen in the past and today as well, people normally do this in order to make themselves look better. They want to uplift themselves and their family and "show" that they are better than you(or the person being talked about) in some way. Can you not just keep your mouth shut?!?!

A few things to address...

*I don't care that Tatum is not running circles around our house yet. Yes she will be ONE on Saturday and no she is not walking yet. And ya know what!?!? That is okay with me and Antonio. Last time I checked that just makes her a normal child.

*It is fine with me if you have 1,000,000,000,000,000 friends, but I am choosing not to. As I stated in a previous post(titled "It's Not My Job), I don't want 1,000,000,000,000,000 friends nor do I feel that I need that many. If you feel that way, great, but it's just not for me.

*On top of that, Antonio and I don't have a 30,000 square foot house. What does this mean? This means that we could not invite everyone within a 100 mile radius of our house to Tatum's birthday party. Sorry that Antonio and I have a big family that will take up the majority of the room in our TINY little shoe for a house(sense the sarcasm?). How did we decide on our friends to invite? I can't believe I am even trying to explain this, but I want to give you something to talk about so you can stay busy. Well, if I don't have your number in my cell phone then we must not talk often. If we don't talk often then you didn't get invited. I know you think we sat down and made a list of everyone we like and everyone we don't like and only invited those people that we like, but I can assure you that this is not how it happened. It's great that you are a friend of a friends, but this "shoe house" we live in just isn't big enough.

*Also, in case you didn't already know, Antonio and I aren't millionaires. So, if you don't agree with who we did/did not invited to Tatum's party then I will personally let you be in charge of Tatum's birthday fund for her 2nd birthday. With you in charge of this fund, we will be able to rent out something next year with enough room for everyone! Trust me, I would LOVE that!

This is only Tatum's FIRST birthday party. Is this something we are going to go through every year!?!? This has already taken too much of my time.

If you decided to read this and it does not apply to you, then I apologize for the negativity expressed. However, if you read this and feel like it does apply to you, then I am praying for the situation.

I have said what I want to and I am done with these topics. I plan to enjoy Tatum and her party and don't plan to worry about anything else.

If I can lay my head on my pillow knowing that I am a great mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee, and friend, then I have no worries.


Robynn said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through this April. People should really get over themselves. Oh, and if you find out that they have some money to spare after they throw Tatum's big bash, can you send them over my way? ;)

As for Tatum walking, you're absolutely right, she is completely normal! Katie didn't start really walking until she was about 14 months old. Each child develops differently and there are many things that Tatum will develop faster than other kids.

Milton, Alesa and Addyson said...

You can't worry about other people!! Who would even say ANYTHING about Tatum not walking yet?? That is SO crazy!! Like that makes her less special or important!! You are a wonderful mother and I know Tatum is going to have the BEST 1st birthday party ever!!!! Don't let this get you down!!

MOM said...

Well, I do NOT know who got you 'fired up" today, but I must say that they did a great job. I have one more comment: In case anyone wants to know, Tatum is definitely a "chip off the old block." Her mom, April, did not walk until she was 15 months old. I do NOT think anyone has any doubts that April is "normal" and definitely has no trouble communicating!!! Go girl!

Amanda said...

Oh boy, I'm really looking forward to planning Jax' first birthday party now! I bet Tatum would have had just as wonderful of a time even if her Mommy and Daddy were the only party guests. And although it sounds like some have forgotten, this day really is just about her. Well, I can't wait to see the party pics!! And, about the walking thing . . . it's probably mothers of early-walkers like Jax that are just jealous they didn't have more non-walking days! Jax is one big bandaid these days.

Buck Rogers said...

I am hurt I did not get an invite to the party but wait i didn't invite you to Danni's first so I guess we are even. Also I don't have your cell phone so that might explain it. As far as the walking, Danni walked one week to the day after her bday. So what if your kid is not walking, don't ry to make them grow up too fast bc before long she will be dating and that's a whole nother headache because there are guys like me out there SCARY!!!

April S. said...

Thanks for all the nice comments from everyone. I am in a much better mood today.

Robynn-it is good to hear Katie didn't walk til 14 months. Tatum may not be walking right now, but in a few years she will be RUNNING circles around other chicks on the soccer field!

Alesa-thanks for the compliment. I think I am a good mommy, but sometimes these comments just get ot me.

Amanda-I am going to go with your theory that the other mommies are jealous that they are having to child proof their houses earlier than me.lol...

Buck-I was VERY hurt that we didn't get invited to Danni's b-day party, so I wanted to "get you back". just kidding. Don't be bringing up dating yet! that is so scary to even think about! BTW, I saw you, the wife, and Danni at the last football game, but I couldn't get your attention. Danni is adorable(like you already didn't know)!

Special thanks to you Mom for ALWAYS having my back! Finally, something that I have passed down to Tatum since she looks EXACTLY like Antonio according to everyone. Glad to know I am "normal"!

MOM said...

I cannot resist the temptation: April, you were talking about your TEMPER being passed down,correct? Oh, how stupid of me. . .you were talking about the age when you walked! Sorry about that. Do you still love me???!!!!!!

Lisa Montgomery said...

Our 4 children all walked at different times: Jennifer at 9 months, Melissa at 14 months (her legs were too fat - she was really funny!), Philip walked late too and didn't even sit up until he was about 8 months old (I think I just had my hands full with the girls), and Walker walked at about 9 months but her had 3 extra "parents" encouraging him. If they had their way he would have walked after he was born.
All kids are different - don't make it a competition. You may have a child walk at 9 months but can't be potty trained until they start kindergarten. Yes, none of you are there yet. It's LOTS of fun!!!

This inviting adults to a child's birthday is new to me. My sister-in-law (ex) served smoked salmon and champagne at their daughter's first birthday party. It's a shame now my brother can't even go to his own daughter's birthday because his ex won't let him know when and where it is. What a bitch! Sorry.. I'll calm down now.
We never did invite friends and only had family when the kids were little. It wasn't until they started school we had real parties... and home parties. We didn't have to rent out some place and have it catered. Oh how times have changed!
It's funny how people will complain about being invited and having to buy a gift or complaining about not being invited. You can't please everyone.
Don't worry April. In a few years this will be nothing compared to the stress you will have with teenagers, elderly parents, health, mortgage & bills, etc.
Ahh, to be young again!!!!

MOM said...

Watch out about that "elderly parent" comment!!!! April may already have that problem too. Lisa, you are exactly right on target with your comments. Having raised 4 children into adulthood, I can assure you each child is different and there will be LOTS more challenges along the way. The issues now will seem very unimportant compared to the next stressful event in your life and the next, and the next, etc. All of these obstacles and stumbling blocks along the way help you become a better person, as well as a better parent. All of you "young" parents (especially the moms) hang in there. You are creating special memories every day--some good and some bad--but ALL of problems will be worth the trouble when you see the "finished products."