Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This weekend, we really didn't do much other than spend time as a family. Friday night I cooked supper and we ate together and played until Tatum's bedtime. Then Antonio and I watched a movie. Saturday morning, we went to the pumpkin patch with friends and took tons of pictures. After that, we went home and took naps and then got up and went for a walk as a family around the neighborhood. Maggie even got to go with us. After that, it was time for lunch and then another nap. When Tatum woke up, she and I walked to the grocery store to get some things for supper while Antonio cleaned out the shed. We ate supper together and played some more. Sunday we went to church, out to eat, and then home for naptime. Now Antonio and Tatum are playing and I am blogging.

Anyway, here are LOTS of our pics from the Pumpkin Patch. Even though it is still 90 degrees here in Memphis, it was nice to "pretend" for a little bit that it was fall. I know Tatum is wearing a sweater in some of the pictures, but I wanted her to wear a fall outfit. I promise we didn't let her get too hot.

Tatum loved all of the pumpkins, but she also LOVED trying to eat the leaves off the ground as you can see below.

There were all kinds of pumpkins. Big ones, little ones, tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, etc.
Tatum loved the little ones the best. This one she is holding in the picture below we had to buy because she was not going home without it. Actually I thought it was cute, so I bought 4 little pumpkins and only spent $2.25! We are going back to buy more later I think.

Tatum was so good while we were taking pictures. However, she had to take a break and play a game of peak a boo...

Jenny and Mike told us about the pumpkin patch that would let us go and take pictures. Below is Tatum with Mackenzie(their beautiful little girl).
This is the only picture I have of me and Tatum. As you can see, I didn't dress myself to be in the pictures however, Antonio managed to get a quick picture.

Since Jenny, Jennifer, and I were all there together, we wanted to take a picture together, but like I said earlier, I wasn't really dressed to take pics, so we decided to have a little tree fun. We are too cool!! lol

Mackenzie wanted to climb the tree. How cute is she!?!?

This is Jenny, Mackenzie, Jenny's mom, Jenny's brother, and Jenny's nephew(Daniel). Daniel is about a week and a half younger than Tatum and he is so cute!!

More hat fun below...

That's all that is really going on from this weekend.
I did discover on Thursday that Tatum has 2 more teeth coming in. She is doing well with these, but they are giving her a little more trouble. Jenny told me they were her molars (I think that is how you spell it.) I have noticed that she has her hands in her mouth constantly right now because I think they are giving her a little trouble. One has broken the skin a little bit, but for the most part her gums are REALLY swollen. She is still sleeping well at night and in a good mood most of the day.
Also, I don't think I have posted this yet, but Tatum LOVES Veggietales. It is the ONLY thing she will watch. I was cracking up this afternoon because we turned one on, Antonio and I begin to sing the theme song, and Tatum does her little dance/sway/rock thing she does. I am sure we look like some crazy family singing at the top of our lungs and dancing, but I don't care because Tatum likes it.
Also, planning for Tatum's first birthday party is in FULL SWING! Things are coming together and I am trying not to spend tons of money. I know everyone says she won't remember it, and she won't but this one is for me. I am going to do it up like I want to. So, family(and a few close friends), expect an invitation coming your way soon! Her party is scheduled for October 27th from 1-3.
Until next time...


Kimberly said...

Oh the pumpkin patch pictures are all sooooooooo cute!! I could just eat her up! I love the one of her with the pumpkin that is almost as big as her! She knows how to pick good pretty little pumpkins!!
I know her party will be perfect and as sweet as she is!!

MOM said...

Looks like you guys had an exciting weekend together. The pumpkin patch looks like a fun place to visit. I have never seen so many pumpkins and is all different sizes. Tatum is really growing and looks like she is getting good at standing up--walking must be just around the corner. Looking forward to this big surprise birthday party. Keep the blogs coming so I can see what you guys are doing.

Amanda said...

These pictures are precious!!! LOL about the sweater . . . it looks like it is finally going to feel like fall now.