Saturday, October 13, 2007

Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

Well, as I count down the days until Tatum is one, I am constantly noticing little things that remind me of me or Antonio. I wanted to list them and I will add pics later, so here it goes...

Reasons Tatum is like her Daddy:
-As everyone can see, Tatum looks "just like her Daddy!" There is no denying who her daddy is. I don't mind hearing this though because her daddy is a cutie too!
-Tatum will eat ANYTHING...just like her Daddy! The only thing to date that we have noticed that she really doesn't like is bread. Antonio and I love the Sister Schubert rolls(if you have never had them I HIGHLY recommend them!), but Tatum will not eat them. She also won't really eat white bread either. We made turkey sandwiches the other day and she ate the turkey and left the bread.
-Tatum is glued to the tv when VeggieTales is on. When Antonio (or Tatum) have a show on the tv that they like you might as well not even try to talk to them at all because it will do no good. Tatum LOVES VeggieTales. We tivo them when it comes on tv and then we usually let Tatum watch 1 to 2 episodes a day(one in the morning while we get her ready and one right after supper). The funniest thing is we watch the same 5-7 episodes OVER AND OVER AND OVER and she still watches them like it was the first time.

Reasons Tatum is like her Mommy:
-Tatum is oh so subborn! She is already learning how to bargain to get her way. I know you laugh, but let me give you an example...Everytime when I pick her up from daycare, I open the door, look around the room for Tatum, we lock eyes and Tatum gives me the BIGGEST smile ever which melts my heart. She is usually on the opposite side of the room from where I enter. I go to the book to get her sheet for the day and put my keys and sunglasses down. I then proceed to stand there and wait for Tatum to crawl over to me(no, she is not walking). However, Tatum crawls halfway across the room giggling and smiling as fast as she can. Then she stops and sits and looks at me. If I don't meet her half way, she throws a fit! She will do this until I go get her. I tell you, she is good!
-Tatum is a super good sleeper...just like her Mommy. She sleeps 12 hours at night and naps during the day too. Usually during the week, I go to bed pretty soon after Tatum does. We both need a good nights sleep or else we tend to be a bit moody.
-Tatum has a love for music. We like to turn to the Christian all music stations on our cable channels and she will sing along or rock or dance to the beat. She also loves the band at the football game.
-She is(is gonna be) a tomboy. This is inevitable. I was a tomboy growing up and Antonio is, well, a boy, so if she ends up a girly girl I don't know what we are going to do.
-I know that everyone says that Tatum looks "just like her Daddy" and she does, but I still say she has my eyes.

I know there is more to add, but my mind is blank so I will have to add more later.

New discoveries...Tatum not only has her bottom 2 molars coming in, but she also has at least 1 tooth on the top back coming in too. I haven't been able to determine if the other side has a top tooth coming in too, but I will try again soon. Tatum has done well with these new teeth coming in considering there are so many coming in at the same time.

Party planning is at its peak. Antonio, Tatum, and I spent this morning running around getting stuff for the party. It is only 2 weeks away and everything is coming together. I just have a few more things to do and then we will just have to sit back and enjoy.

We are going to the Memphis Tigers football game tonight, so I will be sure to take some pictures to post.

Until next time...

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