Monday, October 22, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am sure everyone has seen all the special Breast Cancer Awareness products that are being sold in Walgreens, grocery stores, Target, Wal Mart, etc.

I just want to stress to all of you ladies out there how important it is to do your self exams every month. Most of you probably don't know this about me, but here is my story.

Five years ago I was still in college and in the sorority. October rolls around and in one of our Phi Mu meetings an announcement is made about doing self checkups. A paper with instructions with how to do a self exam was passed out and meeting was dismissed. I really didn't put too much thought into it, but sometime that week I did a self exam and thought I felt a lump. I figured it was nothing because I had never done a self exam before so i just thought this "lump" was a part of me or it was normal. Each day that went on, I would feel the lump and finally decided to say something to my mom. I went home and went to the doctor and he said we could do a biopsy and see what this lump was. If it was nothing we could leave it there but according to the dr "I would have to watch it and if it grew bigger then I would need to come back in to get it checked..." Since my grandmother (my dad's mother) died from breast cancer, I decided that I wanted this lump removed either way. So, at the beginning of December that year, I got the lump removed. A biopsy was done after it was taken out and everything was okay. I now do self exams once a month because of this event in my life.

So, I said all of that to say this...Ladies, do your self exams.

Here is a link that you can go to to order something that tells you more about how to do a self exam. They will mail it to you and it is free.

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