Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stealing His Thunder...

Well, as I posted last night, Antonio was scheduled for his knee surgery this morning. We had to be at the surgery center by 6am and since Tatum's daycare doesn't open til 6am, she got to go with us and the plan was when Antonio went back for surgery I would take Tatum to daycare. So, the plan was in place....

Well, my body decides that tossing and turning is more fun than sleeping last night(not fun) and, better than that, I woke up at 3:30am throwing up. It was that dry heaving that is the worst way to get sick. As I was sitting in the bathroom floor, I was praying I would be better by the time Antonio woke up at 5am so that all the focus could be on him. Well I ran to the bathroom off and on from 3;30AM until the time we left to head to the surgery center. My body was aching, I was nauseated, and I was running a fever....Just to make myself (and everyone else) happy, I went ahead and took a pregnancy test before we left. I knew there was no way I was pregnant, but I haven't been sick like this since I was pregnant with Tatum. So, to clear the air, I am NOT pregnant.

Anyway, we made it to the surgery center and I made a few runs to the restroom to get sick and they finally called Antonio back. Tatum and I got him settled in and we left about 7:30 to head to daycare. i stopped on the way back and got a sprite and took some tylenol for the fever. I was feeling lots better. Antonio got out of surgery and we got home about 11:30. We ate a little lunch and both went to bed for a long nap. I woke up about 2:45 and the fever is back. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am trying to concentrate on taking care of Antonio, but it is pretyt hard when I feel so bad. I am waiting til the last minute before I have to go pick up tatum from daycare.

Antonio is knocked out in bed and doing well. He is actually doing better than me I think. lol

So, keep those prayers coming in and say an extra one for me to get better. I now have to take care of Antonio, Tatum, and now myself. Anyone want to practice with a 1 yr old?? over night? The LAST thing I need is for her to sick too. i am believing that whatever I have is going to be gone tomorrow! Antonio needs me to be healthy so I can cater to him because he deserves a little (LOT) of pampering.

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