Monday, November 05, 2007

Tigers Game and More

Well, Tim and Jennifer were a definite lifesaver for me and Antonio on Thursday night. They took Tatum since I was sick and Antonio had just had his surgery, so I got to sleep and get some much needed rest. Then on Friday morning Jennifer took Tatum to daycare, so I took a sick day Friday and rested some more until I had to pick up Tatum. I didn't have much of a fever on Friday and I felt much better. I picked up Tatum and we all hung out at home and went to bed early.

On Saturday, Antonio said he was feeling good enough to stay at home alone for a while so me, Tatum, Ashley, Coleman, and Jennifer all decided to go to the Tigers football game. It was homecoming, so we hated to miss it.

Here is a picture of Tatum and Coleman loaded up in the car ready to go. Notice their matching carseats?

This is Ashley and Jennifer at the game.
Tatum, me, and Jennifer at the game.
Tatum, me, Coleman, and Ashley
We sat below my bro-in-law, sister(I think we caught Laurie in the middle of cheering?), and neices(Mckayla is not pictured 'cause she was too busy watching the game and cheering)
Next is Jennifer giving Tatum a sucker for the first time.
Needless to say, Tatum LOVED the sucker. Check out her little tongue.
A Memphis Tigers game wouldn't be complete unless Elvis showed up, and well, he did!

Tatum wouldn't take a nap before the game, so she got so tired during the game. I couldn't do anything to please her so she would go to sleep, but as you can see below, Jennifer has the magic touch. I am her mom and she won't do this when I hold her.....not fair!
I thought this was a cute pic of Ashley and Coleman.
Finally, skip to today. I dropped Tatum off at daycare and went to work. Her class was having snacktime at the table when we got there, so I put Tatum down and Ms. Carol put Tatum in her chair at the table and gave her milk. Tatum sat up at the table like a big girl and drank her milk and ate a snack. It was too cute and I was surprised she sat up there without trying to get down or anything.
When I went to pick her up, she was SCREAMING and I didn't know why. I could hear her before I even walked in her room. Her teacher was holding her and giving her lots of attention, but she was still screaming. I picked her up KNOWING she would stop, but she didnt. I put her in the car and gave her a pacifier KNOWING again that she would stop, but she didnt. I figured she was tired and would fall asleep on the way home, but once again, no luck on that one. So, the whole way home, I kept thinking that it was great birth control when she acts like that(which is not too often), but I couldn't help but giggle a bit. I turned up my music a little and just sang a little louder on the way home. Don't think I am a bad mom, just think I am a mom learning to cope with "not so happy" Tatum. I would rather sing over her than get in a bad mood and frustrated by it. Anyway, I know lots of you guys out there think that Tatum is a pure angel, and she is most of the time, but I bet you have never seen her like this!?!?!? Enjoy the video!


Amanda said...

I sent you an email with pictures because Tatum's friend Coleman reminds me so much of my cousin! Looks like yall had a fun time! LOL on the video...those moments do make you appreciate the fact that you have a good baby (most of the time)!

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