Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ask and you shall Receive!

Well, I had no more posted my last blog than my phone started ringing. It was Jennifer telling me that she and Tim would love to take Tatum tonight so Antonio and I can get better. I didn't give her much resistence because like I said previously, I don't want Tatum to get sick too if I am contageous(not sure how to spell right now) and I feel like poo.

So, Jennifer met me at the house and we went to daycare together so she could see where to take Tatum tomorrow. We came back to the house and loaded Tatum in her car and off they went. I am now going to feed my hubby and give him his medicine and then we are both going to bed for a while!!!

I just want to rest and get better.

HUGE thanks to Jennifer for helping us out in out time of need!!! You are such a great friend and I owe you big time!!!(you too Tim)


Robynn said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, April. I hope you kick this nasty bug soon. Glad to hear Antonio made it through the surgery.

Kimberly said...

bless your heart, i just read your post. I hope you are ALL feeling better by now! I'll call u to check on you tomorrow!