Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM (Grandmommy)!!

Well, yesterday was my mother's birthday and she turned **. Well, she I am sure she doesn't want that number announced to the world, so I will just leave it a secret. I went back and posted lots of pictures of my mother from the past year. Where is the best place to start??? I figured we could start Nov 7th of last year. Here is a picture from my mother and Mckayla opening one of my mom's birthday presents...

This is a picture from Christmas last year and yes, my mom did get a HUGE can of green beans. My mom makes the best green bean cassarole and it requires 6 cans of green beans. I guess that was the humor behind the present? I am not really sure. Anyway, this picture brings up the fact that my mom is a wonderful cook. And more importantly, she is so kind and likes to spoil us so much that when we come home, she always fixes our FAVORITES from the green bean cassarole, to sweet potato cassarole, rotel chicken, breakfast cassarole, the peaches and pears with cheese and mayo, chess squares, sausage balls, sausage with cream cheese on cresants, etc. It makes me hungry just to type this.

My mom also values the important times not only in our lives, but her grandkids' lives as well. She is at every birthday party, baby dedication, birth, soccer games, etc. She doesn't let the hour and a half drive from her house to Memphis slow her down. Growing up, she never missed a football game, basketball game, cheerleading event, band compitetion, etc. She has always given us a great example of how important family is and how important it is to be supportive by being present. It has always meant alot to me that she is there in person when possible and I know that Tatum will grow up appreciating this as well.

My mom (and dad of course) have also always stressed the importance of family vacations. It was never a question during the summer growing up if we were going on a family vacation. It was WHEN are we going!?!? I guess as we have gotten older, we all miss those family vacations. We were blessed this past year to make an attempt of a huge family vacation in Florida and I must say that I enjoyed it so much and hope it is a tradition that will happen every year!

Below is my mom with all 3 grandkids.

Finally, here are a few pictures from last night. Antonio, Tatum, and I along with my sister, 2 nieces, uncle, aunt, and grandmother all went to dinner with my mother in Jackson, TN. Tatum decided that she wanted to help my mother open her gifts.

Thanks Mom for all you do for my family. You have always been there for me and I truly appreciate it. Thank you for always putting up with my sassy attitude growing up and for always giving me a great example of what a amazing mother looks like.
I know that my impatience comes from you...flash back to me in the hospital in labor. You decide it is just taking too long and demand to know what is going on in my room. All though the lady at the desk probably thought she had a "crazy lady" on her hands, I know you were just concerned for my well being.
I know my love of music comes from you...I can always remember you singing (and what a beautiful voice) around the house, in church, in the car, etc. You are also a wonderful piano player. i can remember you always singing to wake us up in the morning.. what are the words again?? "It's time to get up, it's time to get's time to get up this mooorrrrrnnnnniiiinnnggg!" Is that it? I try to sing to Tatum whenever I can and I know that is why she likes music so much...not because I sing so well, but because music is a big part of our lives.
I also know that my giving and caring qualities come from you. Even though growing up I HATED shopping with you because we had to go through EVERY section of Wal Mart "just in case" we saw a great deal and then we could ponder who to give it to, I know this is just you wanting to help out a family in need. You are constantly buying things for people that are less fortunate, or maybe just because you think it will look good on them. They probably don't appreciate it as much as they should, but I can see God has blessed you with a giving heart.
Thank you for being you and may you have many more birthdays to come. Love you and Tatum says HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMOMMY!!!

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MOM said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments. You really make me feel like a special lady. I hope I can live up to all of your expectations. Thanks again for helping me celebrate another milestone in my life.