Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy 13 Months Tatum!!!

Just a quick blog to say Happy 13 Months to Tatum and to write down some things she is doing right now so I don't forget...

-Right now, Tatum has a total of 12 teeth. 4 front top, 4 front bottom, 2 top molars, and 2 bottom molars
-Tatum has now made 1 ER visit and hopefully there will be no more visits anytime soon!
-Tatum says Mama, Dada, Bye, YAY, HEEEEEYYY!, we think she tries to say Maggie(our dog), but I am not sure on that one yet.
-Her favorite song is the ABC song by far. If she is crying or in a bad mood, I can start singing the ABCs and she will just be quiet and listen or sing along with me.
-Tatum LOVES LOVES LOVES music. She loves to sing along, dance along, and bob her head.
-Currently, Tatum is a HUGE Mommy's girl, but I think that is only because Antonio had ACL surgery and hasn't been able to physically pick her up, take her to daycare, pick her up from daycare, bathe her, put her in her high chair, etc.
-Tatum is a big flirt! She loves boys and will watch them until they look at her and then she flashes the biggest smile.
-Tatum is still not walking but Antonio and I agree that she is holding out! We TOTALLY think she can really walk. We can just hold one hand and she will walk beside us. Maybe we should push her more, but I am just not that focussed on it.
-Tatum has now had 4 total haircuts, but only 2 professional ones. She loves being pampered.
-Tatum loves VeggieTales. However, they don't seem to keep her attention like they used to. She is just too busy to stop for a tv. We have noticed that she recognizes the characters "Larry" and "Bob" because when she sees a VeggieTale's book she MUST have it.
-As I blogged about earlier, we have been introducing the potty chair just so Tatum can get used to it. No potty training yet, but maybe within 12-18 months.
-Tatum is wearing a size 3 shoe.
-She is in a size 3 diaper.
-Tatum's clothing can range from 6-12 month clothing, 12-18 month clothing, all the way to 18-24 month clothing depending on what the brand is. However, most of what she wears is 12-18 months.
-Tatum is very outgoing. She will pretty much go to anyone if they will give her a minute to warm up. Usually she doesn't even need the warm up period. Just today, I picked up Tatum from daycare and we went to McAlister's to pick up supper. I had to take Tatum in of course and couldn't manage to carry everything out to the car at one time, so the girl that took our order offered to take Tatum so I could run the food out. I said okay and handed her over. I know that may seem a little crazy, but NOBODY was there and it's not like she could kidnap her or anything because I parked right at the door. Anyway, I came back in and Tatum was giggling and playing, so we had to stay another 15 minutes so the girl could play with her. I finally said we had to go and Tatum started crying because we were leaving.
-Tatum's bedtime has been moved back to 8pm.
-Tatum LOVES fruit. Heck, she loves ALL food. We have discovered she really doesn't like pineapples though. I can give her a little can of mixed fruit and she will eat all of it except the pineapples.
-I (and Antonio) have never had to cut her toenails. I thought they weren't growing and brought this up to our pediatrician, but she assures me they are growing and just breaking off because of her shoes and socks and stuff. I think it's weird still. I mean 13 months!!?!?
-Tatum LOVES putting things in and taking them out. Whether it be putting stuff in empty boxes, my shoes, bags, etc. She just loves this new discovery.
-She also loves to open and close things. Anything from books, cabinet doors, drawers, but especially DOORS!!
-Since we went to the dr. yesterday, they weighed her. With her clothes and shoes on she was 23 pounds 1 ounce, so I am guessing she is more around 21 pounds.

Well sorry for the long blog, but I just have so much I want to remember about this age.


Brandy said...

Your girl is just precious!

Kimberly said...

Did a lot of catching up but had to say that I love hearing ALL about sweet Tatum! Sounds like she is so much fun and it is obvious she is a charmer...she's stolen my heart!
I'm glad that you guys had a great Thanksgiving and sorry about the scare Tatum gave you. Guess she was just trying to give you some good blog material! Also congrats on the big tv, that's awesome!

Amanda said...

I've never had to clip Jax' toenails either. I did try to file them once though. And I agree with you about the walking, if she can walk beside you with one hand - - she can definitely do it!