Saturday, November 10, 2007

Antonio's Birthday Dinner

Tomorrow is Antonio's 32nd birthday. I thought it would be nice to get some friends together for dinner, so I sent out an email to everyone and invited them to dinner thinking only a few would be able to show up due to previous plans, family sickness, etc. However, everyone said they would be able to come minus one family. I must say I was a little surprised, but excited because it has been so long since everyone has been together and I don't know that we have ever been able to get everyone together with the kids too. So, I made reservations for 42 people. This was including NINE high chairs!! Tonight was the dinner and everyone showed up, but a few got babysitters so we had a few kids missing. Here are some pictures from tonight.

(this first one is from this morning when Tatum and I were running around picking up Antonio's birthday cake and stuff)

This next picture is Tatum and Sydney.

This is a picture of Chuck, Scott, and Jessica that my niece took.

starting from Left to right, Antonio, Eliana (Aunt E. E., Antonio's sister), Shane, Dawn, and Ainsley
This is my sister and her family....Mckayla, Laurie, Mya, and Cyp
This is Sydney with her daddy, Jeremy(aka Perms)
Another pic courtesy of Mckayla of David and Allison
This is Kevin

Here is a picture of Antonio's cake. It was sure yummy!!! You can't beat a huge cake from Costco!!
Here is Daddy-O and his cake. This lady to the left decided that she needed to join in on the birthday party, so she sang with us and hounded Antonio about being old enough to drink now. Can we say "crazy lady"?
I had some special helpers handing out the cake. Here is Ainsley helping me.
And Mckayla helped too. We only had one piece that ended up in the floor and one piece that fell into Mckayla's shirt.
The next few pictures are a failed attempt to get some pictures of all of the mommies and babies. At least we tried? I put them all up because there wasn't a clear perfect picture. I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Just think....about a year and a half ago (20 months I think?) none of these babies were even born! There are more that are missing too.

Next is a family picture (minus Caleb) of Shane, Ainsley, and Dawn. Good pic guys!
Ainsley was playing with Tatum and making her crack up.

here is a picture of Tonya (mommy) and Riley.
Next is a picture of Jenny and Mackenzie. How cute!??!
And the best person EVER with kids(Tim). Here he has Maddie and Tatum.
Sydney and Nickie(mommy)
David and Zack(Riley's dad)

a bunch of the guys...
Jenny and Tonya doing some "mommy talk"
Ashley being silly and giving Kevin rabbit ears...You are too funny!
Jennifer and Tatum...
Jennifer, Tatum, Maddie, and Courtney

me, Tatum, Maddie, and Courtney...
standing are David and Allison and sitting are Kevin and Ashley
Daddy-O and Tatum
Tim has Tatum and Jeremy is holding Sydney...Tatum was "petting" Sydney because she was sleeping...

Dinner was lots of fun tonight. I didn't make everyone do the big group picture like I wanted to because I didn't want to feel like a big dork, but we did get the babies together. As you can see, we all had girls. The boys in the goup didn't show up(some of the girls didn't either). Hmmmm, did they all plan that?!? Our girl's soccer team is going to be UNSTOPPABLE in a few years!!! We have lots of talented coaches(aka daddies) that I am sure will love teaching these girls the art of soccer.

I didn't take very many good pictures tonight and i sure wish I had. I don't even have a picture of me and Antonio together. There are also a few people that are not in any of my pictures....Mike, Keith, Laura, Cindy...I am not sure who else. So, if anyone else has any good pictures that you took tonight, can you please email them to me?

A HUGE thanks to everyone for coming out for Antonio's birthday. We had fun seeing everyone and catching up. Let's not wait so long before the next time we get together?


Jenn said...

Tatum was so good with the other babies! She needs a sibling. She will be such a good big sister!

Kimberly said...

Wow 42 people! Where did you go that would take that big of a reservation? Antonio sure is popular! Except I kinda think Tatum might have been a good incentive to go to see as well!
Happy Birthday to Antonio!

Amanda said...

Looks like you all had a fun time! Where in the world did you make a reservation for 42 people??? :) It looks like Antonio is recovering well.

Robynn said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Antonio! Looks like you guys had a blast.