Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Computer Update

Antonio and I went to Office Depot to get a new wall charger for the computer on Monday night(because we thought that was the issue). After spending $80(!!!) on a new wall charger for the computer, we got home and realized that this was not the problem.

So, before Antonio decided to start taking the computer apart himself(yes he would do this), I made a call and found a place to take our computer to get it looked at.

After I dropped Tatum off at daycare Tuesday morning, I took the computer by this place and for $30 they will tell me what is wrong with it and then we can decide if we want them to fix it or not. I told him we were due for another new computer, but we REALLY want our pictures and other stuff off of the computer, so he said even if he couldn't fix the computer he could get all of our data off of it. That is all we were worried about anyway, so for $50 more we can definitely get the pictures and other important documents off of it! YAY!!!

That's all, just wanted to send out a computer update. Hopefully the computer can be fixed for cheap and we will have it back by the weekend? We will see!

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