Friday, April 04, 2008

Easter Outfit

Since Tatum was sick on Easter, we stayed at home and she didn't get to wear her little Easter outfit. So, last weekend, I put her in her Easter outfit for church. I TRIED and TRIED to get some good pictures of Tatum in her outfit, but as you will see below, it was pretty hard to get her to sit still in order to get a great picture!

Since she wouldn't sit still, I decided to give her some balloons to play with. While they did keep her still, I was still unable to get a great picture.

Before we headed out the door, I put on her jacket that matches her outfit so that she wouldn't freeze and so I could get a picture of the complete outfit.(or try to at least).

Then, I decided that I would take a picture WITH her so we could get a good picture. The pictures below are good of her, but I don't look too great....I guess I can't win.

I decided to show her HOW to pose for the camera so she would understand...
...and this is all I got...
Oh well, I can tell you that she was precious in her outfit. I LOVED it because it was a pants outfit and it was different than all the normal dresses with bunnies and whatnot. Plus, she can wear this again.

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