Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Circus

Antonio and I decided to take Tatum to the circus this weekend for some family fun. Tatum and I decided to experience our first circus together.

I was amazed by the elephants and wanted to touch them, but didn't want to ride them. I have seen WAY too many videos on the tv that show elephants running wild at a circus even though they are supposed to be trained and great with the public. So, we just sat in our seats and watched them from afar...

Next is a picture of our family before the circus started. Tatum was too busy watching the people walking in, so she wouldn't look at the camera.
Antonio's sister(Eliana), bro in law(Chris) and their kids went with us.

Caiden LOVES Tatum and wanted to hold her, so here he is being a great cousin and holding Tatum.
Tatum didn't want to sit and watch the circus, she wanted to walk around and chat with everyone sitting around us. She decided that she did want to sit with her Aunt E. E.

And Gabby sat in Antonio's lap for a while so she could visit with us. She just lost a tooth this week(I think it was her first), so she told us all about it.

Caiden got a light up sword when we got there and it kept him entertained for quite a while!

During intermission, the clowns were walking about and Gabby had to go meet this one.

This next clown stopped and talked to Tatum for about 5 minutes. She liked 'talking' to him, but this is what happened when it came time for a picture with the clown. He did some 'magic' where he would take a light from behind her ear and it FREAKED Tatum out. She did NOT like it. However, when he got up to leave, she waved and blew kisses.
The circus started at 7:30(30 minutes before Tatum's bedtime). At intermission, it was 9pm, so we deicded to go ahead and leave to get Tatum in bed. She rode on Daddy's shoulders on the walk out.
After the circus, we made a run to Sheridan's Custard. We shared with Tatum and she LOVED what we got.

So, my first circus was fun, but it was also long. I can't imagine what time we would have gotten out of there if we had stayed the whole time!


Jenn said...

I LOVE the circus! Isn't crazy how expensive all those toys/kid things are? And the food! Tatum looks soo sleepy with her custard!

April S. said...

Jenn-It was crazy how expensive it all was, but I guess they know parents are going to buy whatever their kids want if they start pitching a big enough fit. We did so good...We got our tickets for free because Chris' grandfather is a Shrine. We didn't buy food because we ate right before we went and I didn't buy any of that stuff because she didn't really pitch a fit for it. Her cousins shared their stuff and she was happy with that and so were we! So we didn't spend a dime at the circus!!! YAY!

Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

Looks like Tatum had a great time at the circus! Too cute!

JRH said...

how fun! i have never been to the circus! cute pics! she is adorable!

rghopkns said...

WOW! Looks like you guys had a great time. We still haven't taken Katie to the circus yet. I'm glad you guys had fun.

Amanda said...

Jax would have never made it through the whole thing being that late. He still goes to bed around 7:00!! And when he gets tired, he gets hyper instead of falling asleep in my arms! It looks like Tatum had fun people-watching anyway!