Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthdays Galore...

There have been SEVERAL family members and friends with birthdays in April and I haven't done a good job at all of wishing everyone a happy birthday on their day, so I figured I could do it all at once...

Happy Birthday Gran(my grandmother, Tatum's great grandmother)-April 3rd
Happy Birthday Kenny(my uncle, Tatum's great uncle(??))-April 13th
Happy Birthday Clif(my brother, Tatum's uncle)-April 14th
Happy Birthday Mckayla(my niece, Tatum's cousin)-April 14th
Happy Birthday Jessica C. (a great friend of mine)-April 15th
Happy Birthday Courtney (another great friend and twin sister to Jessica)-April 15th
Happy 1st Birthday Riley(one of our friend's daughter. She is SO CUTE, but I didn't get a picture of her this weekend).-April 15h
Happy Birthday Pops!(my grandfather, Tatum's great grandfather that passed away a few years ago)-April 19th
Happy Birthday to ME(I will post pictures from my birthday weekend in a seperate blog)-April 20th
Happy Birthday Keith(a friend and neighbor of ours)-April 20th
Happy Birthday Kevin(one of Antonio's friends and the husband of my friend)-April 28th

Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out. Anyway, below are a few pictures from Mckayla's birthday from a few weekends ago.

Mckayla had a birthday party with her friend Anna from school since their birthdays are so close. Their party was held at Pump It Up, so before the jumping could start, everyone had to watch a safety video...(Mckayla is in red with a birthday crown and Anna is in pink)

Tatum decided she better watch the video too if she planned to jump!

As you can see, not everyone watched the safety video close CLEARLY stated that sliding head first down the slide was NOT allowed, yet here is Anna and her Daddy(Gary Z.) being rebelious. What a bad example for kids, eh? (haha)
Next is Antonio and Tatum having fun...
Mya and Cyp...
Daddy and Tatum posing for a picture...
Me and Tatum, but the pic is not great and is blurry too...
Cyp and Mya liked haning out at the top of the slide watching everyone.

Mckayla with some friends sliding down the slide..
Tatum and Daddy sliding down. Tatum LOVED the slide and she would pitch a fit when we wouldn't take her back again.
After all the sliding and jumping, we headed to the party room for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Here is Anna and Mckalya's cake.

As you can see, we all had a great time at the party. There were lots of kids, but I don't think anyone got hurt or cried or anything. I think the parents had lots of fun too!

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