Friday, April 04, 2008

Easter Party Day at School

I know this is post should have come like 2 weeks ago, but better late than never.

Tatum had an Easter party at school the week before Easter. She was super excited about it I am sure. On this morning, I got her up and she HAD to have Amigo Bear sit with her so she could eat breakfast. She cried until I sat him in the chair with her. Here are some happy pictures of her and Amigo.

Our morning routine includes eating breakfast and watching Care Bears while Mommy finishes getting ready to get out the door. Don't send me comments about how bad this is....I do what works....

Once Tatum got to school, I left the camera in her bag and her teachers took pictures for me again! How sweet are they!?!?

Here is another picture of all the kids in her class eating at their table. Some of the kids have moved up so she has some new people in her class. There are now 5 girls and one boy. Evelyn(who is sitting to the left of Tatum) is the oldest in class and Tatum is the second oldest.

Tatum got some rabbit straws at her school party, so here she is drinking out of Daddy's cup using her new straw. I took these pictures because she had her Easter basket she made at school behind her so it looks like she has little bunny ears. Don't worry she is only drinking water.


Jenny R. said...

SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! I just want to squeeze her. Mackenzie would really like to hang out with Tatum.

Antonio said...

What a good looking family you have!!!