Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's POTTY Time in Tennessee!

When I went in this morning to wake Tatum up, she stood up and was holding her DIAPER in her left hand. That's right, she took her diaper off last night. I quickly scanned her crib and didn't notice any wet spots, so I grabbed her up and put her on her potty in the bathroom. I turned on the bath water and started singing to her. She smiled and that's when I heard coming from her potty chair! That meant that she was going #1!! I sang some more and she finished. I got her up, got a new diaper on her, and took her to eat breakfast. I went back to clean up her chair and ALMOST took a picture of her #1 in the potty, but I didn't take the picture cause I figured that wasn't something I could post. So I just cleaned up the mess and that was it.

I went to recheck her bed and while her sheets were still dry, her Amigo Care Bear wasn't so lucky. He, along with her sheets and blankets, is in the washing machine getting a much needed bath!

So, to recap, Tatum went #2 last night in her potty chair and #1 this morning!

So for the past week or so, everytime Antonio takes Tatum to take her bath he puts her on the potty before she gets in the bath for bathtime.

Well, tonight after bathtime, Antonio comes out and tells me that Tatum POOPED in her potty!!! I know some of you are reading this and may be grossed out or can't believe that I am blogging about this, but I am super excited!

Don't worry, we know she isn't going to be potty trained anytime soon, but she will be moving into the 18 month old room at daycare and the teacher told me that if we are working with her at home and she is doing well, she will send her to the restroom with the 2 yr old room every time they go. I LOVE her daycare!

So, that's our good news for the night. I still have lots of pics and stuff to blog about, but sorry, it won't happen tonight.

Sleep good!


Buck Rogers said...

I am offically jealous. Danni is still not potty trained. Which potty do you recommend? What is your techinque? Please enlighten!

I tried to add you to my blog reader on google. Also my blogspot is... to you later

Jenn said...

Neato Burrito!

Kimberly said...

Wow! Once again Tatum makes everything look sooo easy! She is such a perfect baby! After you are done potty training her can I send you Adalie?

rghopkns said...

YAY! Way to go Tatum! Just remember to be patient, mom and dad!

Amanda said...

That is so exciting!! I know we've got a while, but I can't wait until Jax is there!!