Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Pictures for a While

I hate to have to post this. Our home computer, the one that is the home to all of our pictures, has died. We are not sure if it is the wall charger that has gone bad or the computer itself, but there is no power to the computer. Antonio went to get something that he thought could fix it, but it was $90 and he thinks he can find it cheaper.

So, there will be no picture posts until the computer is fixed. It WILL be fixed. It has ALL of our pictures for the past 2 years!!! I had just uploaded tons of pictures last night and that means they are no longer on my camera. I am nervous(but determined) to get this computer fixed and back up our pictures somewhere, anywhere.

One of my friends and I hosted a baby shower yesterday and it went very well. I will post tons of pictures when I can.

Tatum is now 17 months and I can't believe it. One of her new favorite things is ICE....she LOVES it. I have tried to get a video of her asking for it. She says..."Ice? Ice? Ice? Ice?" Until you give it to her.

Anyway, I will post more later(hopefully with pictures).

On a final note.....GO TIGERS!!!! As Willie Herenton would say...."We are 'shakin the HATERS off'!!"


Jenn said...

This is not going to work! Fix this problem! We want pictures and video!

Jenny R. said...


rghopkns said...

YIKES! Danny is always harping on me about backing up our photos/files; one of the things about living with a computer nerd (but I love him anyway) ;)

Seriously, if you guys need any help, please let us know.