Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason!!!

I know that I should be posting precious pictures of Tatum from Easter Sunday, but I won't be doing that.

Saturday night Tatum started running a little fever. Sunday morning when she got up, she had a little fever again and had had a cough since Friday night. So, we decided that it would be best to keep her home from church. So, her cute Easter dress along with my little Easter outfit I threw together went unworn. Antonio's cute suit was unworn as well. As the day went on, Tatum was playing fine and we gave her tylenol to keep the fever down. She did well, so we decided to send her to daycare Monday.

Monday she went to school. I gave her some cough medicine along with some tylenol to make sure she made it through the day. Antonio and I heard nothing.....until 4pm. They called and said Tatum was running a fever. 4 P. M.!?!?!?? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Getting sent home from school EQUALS Tatum can't go to school for the next 24 hours. So, once again, Antonio's dad helped us out. He said he would come over Tuesday and keep Tatum so we could both go to work.

I decided to go ahead and take Tatum to "Open Clinic" at her doctor's office Tuesday morning to see what was going on with Tatum this time. We got up and got to the dr's office by 8:15. She has another ear infection, but this time only in the right ear. The dr. said she probably didn't heal up all the way the last time, so this time we are going back in 2 weeks to make sure her ear infection heals completely. SHe also gave us a prescription for her cough.

I headed to Walgreens to go ahead and get her medicine filled. When I dropped them off, the lady said it would take 45 minutes, so I decided it would be fun to take Tatum for donuts while we waited.

I went to a donut shop right around the corner and pulled up. That's when I saw HIM.....I called Antonio and told him that HE was there!! I was SUPER EXCITED!!! Now, who is HE? you ask.....It was Coach JOHN CALIPARI!!!!

I got Tatum out of the car and we go in. Coach Cal is sitting with an older gentleman in the donut shop and they are the only people in there eating. Tatum is walking in and the older man notices Tatum and says hello. I ordered our donuts and headed for a booth. I was having a bit of trouble juggling Tatum, donuts, milk, diaper bag, and purse, so I guess that drew a little attention to me. The older man talked to Tatum again and proceeded to ask Tatum and I to join them at their table for 10(it was only the 2 of them). I shrugged and said okay.

SO, here I am with Tatum eating donuts with COACH CAL!!! Grant it, HE did not invite me to sit down, but still.... So now I am trying to decide....do I grab my phone to take a picture of HIM or what. I decided to "play it cool" and I just sat there talking to Tatum while they talked basketball. I wanted to chime in a few times so that Coach Cal would know that I KNOW basketball, but I decided I might come off like a crazy fan, so I didn't. Then Tatum decides to not sit still and eat her donut "like a good girl" so I am struggling with her. That's when IT happened....I WISH I had a video....HE (Coach Cal) offered to hold Tatum so I could finish my donut. I said okay and Tatum went over to HIM. She sat in HIS lap and was SO GOOD! She just smiled at HIM, then the old man, then me. I SHOULD HAVE taken a picture with my camera phone, but didn't want to seem like a stalker, so I just enjoyed my moment.

I ate quickly, as not to burden Coach Cal, and Tatum came back to me. Coach Cal then got up and walked out and that was it. I said...."Good Luck Coach Cal!" and he was gone. HE made my day and didn't even know it. Maybe he could tell by the HUGE SMILE on my face, but HE might have just thought I was a little crazy.

As soon as HE left, about 20 people showed up decked out in their Memphis Tigers clothes. I guess they got tipped off that HE was there. They seemed a little upset that HE was gone. Oh well, Tatum and I got to enjoy HIM!!!

So, if Tatum had not been sick, we would have never seen HIM.....COACH CAL!! So, I owe Tatum a HUGE THANK YOU for being sick!!(Okay so I am half kidding. I don't wish she was sick, but we DID catch this ear infection early, so she isn't too bad.)

I will be posting some pictures and videos sometime this week.


Jenny R. said...

OH my gosh!!! How awesome. I am jealous. It couldn't have happened to a bigger fan though. Congratulations!!!!

Jenn said...

You are a NERD!!! That is a cool experience. Glad to know your not a stalker! And to the important part....hope Tatum gets better! Wonder what is giving her those ear infections?

Nicole said...

That is CRAZY!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have gotten to eat with him. I probably would have been so stupid and acted like an idiot. You played it very cool! Parker has double ear infections as of last Thursday. We go back in a few weeks to make sure they are cleared up. It stinks when they are sick:(

rghopkns said...

What a great story! One that I'm sure you'll be sharing for the rest of Tatum's life. :)

Antonio said...

I can't believe that you got to meet Coach Cal. How awesome. What did he smell like?

April S. said...

He smelled so YUMMY, but don't tell my hubby I said that!

Useless Information said...

What did he smell like? What the is a matter with you tonio?

JRH said...

that is just too cool! i probably would have just sat there staring at him like a big dork...haha! make sure you tell tatum about this important moment in her life when she's older! go tigers!