Friday, March 07, 2008

What's Going On!?!?!?

Okay, it's 2:01 AM and I am still awake! I can't sleep! eeerrrrr! So hear I am, trying to wear myself out so that I will go to sleep, but it's not working. I have done the dishes, a load of clothes, straightened the living room a bit, and still not sleepy. I must admit that I have had a problem sleeping for about 4 weeks now and have been using Tylenol PM pretty much every night so that I can sleep. Guess what, I didn't take it tonight. errr... I have decided that I need to stop taking it because I am sure it is not good to have to depend on something like that in order to sleep every night, but if I don't take it, my nights end up like tonight and I still have to work tomorrow too! What to do, what to do....any advice anyone???

Also, I am going private on Saturday or Sunday, so if you read my blog and have not officially emailed me (Mom, Dad, Jenny, Jennifer, Tim, etc.) then you will not be able to read my blog after this weekend. Also, I have gotten several emails from people I do not know, but they read my blog. I have no problem if I don't know you and you want to continue to be able to keep track of my family. I read several people's blogs that I do not know, so I know how that is. Just send me an email ( or just leave a comment and I will add you.

That's it, I am awake and I want to be sleeping!


JRH said...

Hey girlie! Good grief...I am having the same problem as you. I can't sleep well either! I have been taking Tylenol PM also. I hate it, but that's the only way I can get to sleep these days. It gives me very very vivid dreams. Do you have the same problem? Hope all is well :)

Gary Z said...

hey wait, do my derogatory comments about your bro-in-law, cyp, count as crazy or offensive?

Anonymous said...

Do you drink any caffeine after 2:00pm? If so, try cutting that out of your routine and see if that helps. Insomnia is the worst!

Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

I found your blog through Kim Hall and I would love to continue reading your blog. I have a son that is a couple of weeks older than Tatum. My email is