Friday, March 28, 2008


Last Friday night, Jennifer( and I were put in charge of helping with a surprise party for Jenny ( We were put in charge of getting her to Sekisui. So, I told her that Jennifer and I wanted to take her out for a Girl's Night Out.

I decided that the restaurant choice would be a surprise so that she couldn't veto the choice and then we have to figure out how to get her there anyway, so she was a trooper and went along with us. Jennifer, Jenny, and I started at Jenny's house and hung out for a little bit and then left for dinner.

Below is a video of us walking in. As you can see, she was so busy talking that she didn't even see everyone sitting there for a few seconds!

Jenny's husband, Mike, did a great job of getting everyone together and surprising his wife! He even had balloons and a cake at the restaurant too. After we FINALLY got our food to eat(don't order quail at Sekisui or else you will be waiting a LONG time), we went back to Jenny and Mike's house and hung out with friends. It was lots of fun and I am SO GLAD that I didn't blow the secret!

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Jenny R. said...

That's funny!!