Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Swim

Antonio and I joined the YMCA at the beginning of the year and while I haven't been the best about working out, Antonio has been VERY good about it. He goes at least 5-6 times a week! I was good and went to the gym Saturday AND Sunday, so I am making progress. Anyway, they have childcare at the YMCA for up to 2 hours, so I have no excuses. Except on Sundays. There is no childcare on Sundays, so we have decided to try to go to the YMCA and take Tatum swimming on as many Sundays as we can. It is good family time and she LOVES it!

Before I got in the water yesterday, I took a few pictures. Here are a few pics of Tatum with her Daddy in the pool.

The pool has a cover on it to make it an indoor pool, but they will be taking it off for the summer. So, we get the best of both worlds! Below is a video of Tatum with her Daddy in the pool. She is getting good at kicking and she REALLY wants us to let go, but that wouldn't be good. Looks like we need to break out the swimmies for her. (When you are watching, it gets a little foggy as it goes along, so I wiped the lense off a little bit into the video).

After I put my camera down and got in, we threw Tatum back and forth and she LOVED it and giggled and giggled. I wish I had a video of that too(maybe I will have to get the lifeguard to take it next time). We are also working with Tatum on blowing bubbles in the water and going under. The going under is getting better, but I can't get her to hold her breath(I have tried blowing in her face, but that doesn't work too well). Anyone have any ideas?


Jenny R. said...

That is awesome!!! Mackenzie has HATED the water the past two summers so I am hoping this summer will be different!!! Can't wait for our pool days with the girls!

Amanda said...

It looks like you had the pool to yourself! How fun! I'm determined to get Jax in swimming lessons this summer.

JRH said...

your little girl is too dang cute!

Janice said...

Tatum is doing great in the pool! She will really have fun this summer in the pool and in Florida too. It was great getting to see all of you yesterday. Tatum is really growing and I loved watching her walk. Sorry Tatum did not get to visit us this weekend--maybe another weekend real soon.

Kimberly said...

What a sweet little swimmer she is! I think its awesome that you guys go swimming every Sunday! How fun!!