Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tatum and I went to my parent's house this weekend to spend some time with my mom. Friday night Tatum, Laurie, Mckayla, Mya, and I all went to my grandmother's house and ate an AWESOME homemade meal. It was so good to have something that wasn't fastfood or a sandwich.

After we got done we all headed to my parent's house. While we were talking to my mom she told us that our dog had passed away last week. She found him on the side of the road when she got back from New Orleans. She wasn't sure if it was old age or if someone hit him, but she paid someone to bury(sp) him properly. My mom then told us that there was going to be a pet adoption going on in Jackson on Saturday and she would like to go get a new dog. I told her we should go look and see if she liked any of the dogs.

Saturday we all got ready and Laurie and the girls had to head out, but Tatum, my mom, and I headed to Jackson to see the dogs. We got there and there were 4 dogs left. Two of the dogs were brother and sister and they didn't want to split them up and it didn't seem like they wanted to adopt them out. They put them up when we got there and took them home back to their foster house. So now there were just 2 dogs left. My mom and I immediately liked one of the dogs. She was cute, playful, and friendly. When Tatum would cry she would raise her ears, turn her head, and come over to check on her. The other dog was VERY timid and scared and wouldn't let you pet her, so needless to say it was a no brainer. We would get the brown one. Well, when we told them that, they wanted us to take BOTH dogs. They said they were 2 for 1 and they got along great. Long story short we FINALLY agreed, but were very hesitant about it. On the way home we got 2 stakes, leads, collars, leashes, dog bowls, treats, etc. When we got home we walked the dogs around the yard. While my mom walked them around, I put the stakes in the ground. When I finished that, I took the brown dog(the one we wanted) and attached her to the lead. All the sudden I hear my mom saying, "Oh NO!". When I turned around, Michelle(the timid one) was on the run. She had wiggled out of her collar(the one that the humane society put on her) and she was off. I chased her around the yard for about 30 minutes. I was FROZEN and tired, so I just gave up. My mom and I had somewhere else to be, so we left and decided if she was there when we got back, great, and if not, then oh well. We came back and there she was. So to recap...The brown one was tied up and the black one was still there, but not tied up. Sunday they were there all day and pretty much the same situation. Michelle still wouldnt come close enough to get a collar on her. Monday, my mom went to school and Tatum and I slept in. I finally got up and packed our bags to come back home. When I started loading the car I saw that Michelle(the black dog) was on the steps crying. I went to see the other dog and, well, SHE was GONE!! Her collar was sitting in the yard, but no dog. So now, I had to call my mom to break the news to her. She took it pretty well and when she got home I told her that the brown one would be back I was sure. Tatum and I left and I got a call later that night that the brown dog was back. So, both dogs are free to roam on their own, but they always come home. I guess that is the most important thing. Of course, if I were a dog and I was getting fed all of the yummy things my mom is feeding them, I would come home too! I will have to post pics of the dogs when I get a chance.

Also, this weekend, I officially invested in a new business(with the help of my MOMMY! Thanks MOM). I got an embroidery machine!! Tobie, one of my great friends at work, and I are going to start a side business making burp cloths, bibs, diaper bags, blankets, etc. Also, another girl named April too is going to be doing some paintings. We will be setting up a website soon, so I will keep everyone posted when I get it up and going in a couple of weeks. We finally came up with a name for our business. It will be Diva Designers!! If you are in need of any baby items, let me know so we can do them for you!

Tatum and I got back home Monday night and Tatum had been a little stuffy all day Monday and had a little cough, but she was still acting fine and slept great. Well, today she woke up and was burning up and her nose was crusty with stuff. I had to change her because she was sweating so much. I gave her some medicine and she pretty much slept all day. When she wasn't sleeping she just wanted me to hold her. You could just tell that she didn't feel well. Tonight she was a little better and not nearly as hot. Hopefully she will get to feeling better by tomorrow. I have also not been feeling great, but I will be fine as long as Tatum doesn't get too sick.

Finally, I got some good news tonight. I think I have a place for Tatum to go for daycare AND we will save about $50-$85 from what we were planning to pay. I need to call tomorrow to make sure, but I was told today that the lady would have an opening after this Friday.YAY!!

Please keep us in your prayers that Tatum doesn't get any sicker and also that this daycare will work out so that I can go back to work!

I will post pics later, I am too lazy to right now. Warning, I also did not proof read this, so excuse the errors please. Until next time....

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Robynn said...

I hope Tatum feels better soon and that you don't get the yucky stuff that's going around as well. Good luck on the daycare!