Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plans never work

The plan for the day was to get up, feed Tatum, get her dressed and take some pics so I can post some on here since I haven't done that in a while. Well, it is 11:30am and Tatum is STILL sleeping. She went to bed at 10pm and at 8am I got her up and fed her this morning. After she eats, we usually play, but she was fussy so I just held her and she went back to sleep. SO, I decided to put her back in the crib so I could take a quick shower. Well, that was 2 hours ago. Anyway, I do still plan to dress her up to take some pics. Maybe she is having a little growth spurt or something. Don't babies usually sleep more during those times? She has been really good about going down for a LONG nap in the afternoon for the past week or two. She sleeps for about 2-3 hours AT LEAST! It has allowed me time to really clean some around the house, but I still have more cleaning to do.

I guess I can also update and say that I went scrapbooking this weekend with Tobie and some other ladies and I LOVED it! I got lots of pages done and lots more to go, but I think that will DEFINITELY be my new hobby for 2007. Thanks for the invite Tobie!!

I am also working on another side project that I will soon blog about, but I don't think I am quiet ready to do that yet. It will work better with some pics I think. I am really excited and will fill everyone in soon!

I guess that is all for now. I think I might eat a sandwich before Tatum wakes up. Look for some new pics coming soon!

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Buck Rogers said...

Congrats on your scrapbooking! Chelsea is a huge scrapbooker. I will take some pics and put them on myspace.

As far as napping this is what Chelsea tells me Danni does. Up at 8-10a, eat, play for an hour or 2, back to sleep for an hour or 2. Up and eat, play for 2 hours, nap again for 1 to 2 hours, eat and up again til 7-10p and then bed time. Babies sleep alot. Its okay. In fact sometimes when they are crying and when they won't eat and they are dry, they want to sleep.